Perhaps the popularity of King Of Fried Rice has lead others to think that this is probably a good name to gain some attention.

Will we see the likes of “King Of Bak Chor Mee”, “King Of Laksa”, and “King Of Ban Mian” soon?

Ah, this new stall has the confidence of naming itself “King Of Pao Fan”. I asked and it is NOT related to King Of Fried Rice at all.

It is so called because they use mainly the ‘king of seafood’ such as lobsters and big batang fish.

Pao Fan is slowly gaining popularity in many Chinese (especially Teochew) restaurants in Singapore.

“Pao” 泡 means “submerging”, while “fan” 饭 refers to rice, though not to be confused with the usual porridge.

In terms of the cooking process, porridge is cooked using rice grains simmered in water or stock; while for Pao Fan the rice grains are first steamed then drenched in the broth.

Typically, crunchy rice is poured over upon serving.

This stall is a short walk away from Bugis+ and Albert Food Centre located within a coffeeshop.

It has offerings of Fried Fish Pao Fan ($5.50), Sliced Fish Pao Fan ($7), Duo Style Pao Fan ($6), Fresh Prawn Pao Fan ($7), and Half Lobster Pao Fan ($18).

I went for the safe choice of a Duo Style with both fried fish and sliced fish. To be fair, I though that the broth cooked with a combination of pork and fish bones was both comforting and flavourful, topped with crispy fried egg floss.

There was a certain pepperiness, though it could be brought down a notch in order not to overpower the sweetness of the ingredients.

The fishes were fresh-tasting; and so if I have to nit-pick, it would be the rice which I thought could have better contrast. The sprinkled rice didn’t have the crispiness, while the other grains could have been softer.

This is so as to better contrast Pao Fan with say a usual Teochew Fried Fish Porridge.

Due to Pao Fan getting trendy, the pricing, and striking name, I think social media channels would start covering this stall. If they can fine-tune, I believe popularity will come knocking on its door.

King Of Pao Fan
Waterloo Centre, 269 Queen Street, #01-237 Stall 4, Singapore 180269
Opening Hours: 11am – 8pm (Mon – Sun)

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