While many Japanese Cafes in Singapore are imports, Matchaya is a home-grown brand that has enjoyed quite a following.

Other than its café-style space at The Cathay (it previously moved from Icon Village), it has opened a NEW kiosk at Orchard Paragon.

In the meantime, also check out other newly opened Japanese cafes in Singapore, including Hvala (Keong Saik), Kurasu Singapore (Waterloo Street), LUNA Patisserie (Amoy Street), and Café Ma Maison (Mandarin Gallery).

The Japanese tea kiosk at the basement of Paragon serves up more than just modern Japanese-inspired beverages, but also include desserts, cakes and softserves.

All creations are influenced by the owner’s travel to Japan in 2015 and interactions with Tea Farmers and Tea Masters, getting drawn towards this particular Matcha-Shaded Green Tea.

The ingredients, such as matcha and houjicha, are painstakingly sourced from different prefectures in Japan and blended exclusively.

The kiosk offers drinks such as Matcha Milk ($5.50 for hot, $6 for cold), Houjicha Milk ($5.50, $6), Royal Milk ($5.50, $6), Caramel Genmaicha Milk ($6, $6.50) to more interesting selections such as Matcha Koffee ($6, $6.50) which is actually “coffee” and Houjicha Koffee ($6, $6.50).

Their Matcha Milk contains matcha specially sourced from 4th generation tea farmers in Uji and a 3rd generation grand tea-master in Shizuoka.

Only the 1st flush spring harvest shaded green tea is utilized, which is shaded for a minimum of 14 days.

What makes these special is the method of cold-whisking, creating a bolder, stronger and more umami flavour than their usual milk tea.

I have been asked this question quite a number of times, Hvala or Matchaya”, especially when they originated about the same period.

However, they both took different directions eventually. I would say that Hvala‘s Matcha Latte has a more mass-appeal with a certain level of sweetness and body, while you can taste a more intense flavour from Matchaya’s.

For Houjicha lovers, they serve up Houjica Choux Pastry ($4 per pc, $22 per box of 6) and Salted Caramel Coco Houjicha Roll Cake ($6 per pc, $28 per roll).

The roll cake includes houjicha, Chantilly creamed and salted caramel dark chocolate embedded in chocolate sponge, surrounded by fluffy sponge.

If you like that roasted green tea earthy taste, you get a lot of eat in this cake, though some find feel it is on the slightly rich and bitter side due to the amount of powder dusted around.

Special mention goes to their Japanese softserve ($5.90 for regular, $6.70 for cone). Aside from the standard Uji Matcha flavour, they offer a mystery flavour which changes quite regularly.

I once had a mix with churned White Miso Soft Serve, flavoured with fermented soy beans to create an interesting mild salty taste bordering on savoury; and the Chestnut which makes a great twist with the matcha.

Ask to find out what’s their special or be surprised.

Matchaya – Paragon
#B1-K4, Paragon, 290 Orchard Road, Singapore 238859
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm (Mon – Sun)

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* Written by @DanielFoodDiary, with additional input and photos from @stormscape. DFD paid for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.



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