Perhaps this does not come as a very big surprise.

Picnic at Wisma Atria will be ending operations on the 25th of October. (Also read: 50 Singapore Restaurants & Cafes Which Closed In 2020)

The “urban food park” Picnic did attract some attention when it first opened – 10,000 square feet space, 3 million dollar space designed like an urban park, providing 13 food trucks and stall, with food ordered “Marche” style.

The ID is top-notch, with different spaces designed for BIG-GROUP seatings, suitable to hang out with families and friends.

Super instagrammable, and ‘videoable’, where you can dine under a canopy of (fake) trees with lights that change “according to the weather”.

So what happened?

While some may push the blame to COVID-19, perhaps the departure of Japan Food Town upstairs contributed to overall less foot traffic to the mall itself.

To be honest, I was surprised that despite a very expensive space, they didn’t seem to spend a lot on advertising or social media marketing throughout the years, with the same few media reporting every time they have a new tenant.

Actually, they didn’t even really update their website, still listing the same stalls during beginning of days.

Also, there were many brands that came and left the place, without many staying long enough for better loyalty or brand-building.

Other than Omakase Burger, the rest have short lifespans.

Off my head, I remembered there was Seizan Uni Ramen and Brother Cheng’s Chicken Rice better known for its $14.90 Chicken Rice.

My heart goes to Kumo Keiki (formerly Riz Labo Kitchen known for its fluffy souffle pancakes) which moved from Japan Food Town, Habitat, to Picnic. The fate of all three are similar.

The current stalls there include Omakase Burger, Supergreek, Madefresh Pizza, The Humble Scoop, Supergreek, and Seizan (closed temporarily).

The ‘consolation’ that while Picnic will be ceasing operations after 25th Oct, there will be future plans for Omakase Burger and Supergreek.

Wisma Atria #03-15 (near the taxi stand), 435 Orchard Road Singapore 238877
Tel: +65 6734 8352
Opening Hours: 10am – 9:30pm (Mon – Sun)

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