Known as one of the tourist spots in Singapore, Kampong Gelam is no stranger to cafehoppers and shopaholics alike, especially along the instagrammable Haji Lane.

Venture slightly off track and you will end up on the other side of Bugis, a stone’s throw away from the famous Rich and Good Cake Shop and IndoBowl.

And along Sultan Gate is ANOTHER NEW gelato and waffles cafe in Singapore called “100Labs”.

Here at 100labs, the tables and chairs are arranged on the 2 sides of the small, cosy 15-seaters space.

Their current menu only serves Waffles ($7 – $12.90), Gelato ($3.50), Coffee ($3.50 – $5), Tea ($4 – $4.90), Smoothie ($6), Milkshake ($6) and Pastries ($4-5) on their menu.

I had the Buttermilk Waffles Oomph! (Ala carte $7, Single scoop gelato $9.90/ Double scoops gelato $12.90).

12 rotating gelato flavours ($3.50 each) are available each month, with the usual classic flavours including Vanilla, Pistachio, Hazelnut Rocher and Dark Chocolate.

Other interesting ones you can find Banana Nut Crunch, Honey & Figs, Lychee/Mango Sorbet, Wild Berries, Taro Yam & Coconut, Hojicha and Coconut Cream.

The Buttermilk Waffles was considered well-executed, and could probably be one of my favourite ones I have eaten of late.

Thick and firm with a crispy texture on the outside, and moist and fluffy texture on the inside.

The freshly-made waffles had that buttery-fragrance, complemented well with the golden syrup drizzled.

For those with a sweet tooth, there is unlimited serving of the golden syrup to satisfy your cravings. (But I would say go easy on that.)

I had the Pistachio and Taro Yam & Coconut gelato to go with my waffles, inexpensively priced at $3.50 per scoop.

This cost an additional $5.90 when served with the waffles.

The Pistachio was nutty and earthy with a smooth texture, whereas the Taro Yam & Coconut was creamy and thankfully not too sweet.

For other light bites, Pastries such as Strawberry Shortcake ($4) and Key Lime Tart ($5) are available on their display shelf.

I enjoyed the Key Lime Tart ($5) that packed a citrusy sour punch.

However, the digestive biscuit tart crust was a tad too soft and moist for me, lacking the buttery aroma and the firm texture.

Keep a lookout for their Specialty drinks such as Soychai Latte (Hot $5/ Iced $6) and Ondeh-Ondeh Latte (Hot $5/ Iced $6) which are not as commonly found in other cafes.

The Ondeh-Ondeh Latte (Hot $5/ Iced $6) is also served with latte art, but infused with coconut and palm sugar so that it captures some of the essence of an actual ondeh-ondeh.

(Ondeh Ondeh are green pandan-flavoured glutinous rice balls with gula melaka – coconut palm sugar).

The waffles menu at 100 labs will expand and include Berry Waffles with Single Scoop of Gelato ($13.90) and more savoury options such as Waffles with Salmon ($14.90) in the future.

41 Sultan Gate, Singapore 198489
Opening Hours: 12pm – 10pm (Tue – Thu, Sun), 12pm – 12mn (Fri – Sat), Closed Sun

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* Written by Nicholas Tan @stormscape who loves all things [NEW]. DFD paid for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.



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