Celine’s Gelato has gone from a mobile gelato cart to a physical shop at Novena Regency.

If you are unfamiliar with this building, it is right opposite Novena Church and houses prawn-ramen specialist Menya Kanae, Korean Jjajangmyeon restaurant Mukjja and Sinn Ji Hainanese Chicken Rice.

Note that Celine’s Gelato is located on the inside of the Novena Regency building, and foot traffic is relatively lower.

It doesn’t help that their social media account states that they are a Gelato mobile catering company instead of a cafe (with limited seat-down space).

As an ex-cabin crew on Singapore Airlines for 5 years, Celine has been exploring and trying gelatos worldwide, before fulfilling her dream of opening her very own gelato cafe.

In the meantime, she started her gelato mobile cart business that caters to events before this brick-and-mortar shop.

There are 6 rotating flavours available at any one time due to the limit of gelato canisters in their gelato cart.

Classic flavours range from Chocolate, Black Sesame, Cookies & Cream, Choco Hazelnut, Mango Passion Sorbet, Key Lime; while Premium flavours include Pistachio and D24 Durian.

The Chocolate is their best-seller, made fresh with 72% Venezuela cocoa.

The prices are reasonable, with Classic flavour starting from $5 for a single scoop and $7.50 for double scoops, whereas premium ones are priced at an additional $0.50 each.

Takeaways are also available in 473ml Pints (Classic $16.90, Premium $19.90) and 500g Tubs (Classic $18.90, Premium $22.90).

Surprisingly, Waffle is priced at only an additional $2 and a Gelato Cone will cost $0.50.

My waffle with 2 scoops of gelato (1 classic, 1 premium) is very inexpensively priced at $10, which is one of the most affordable Waffle + Gelato combo even compared to many other neighbourhood ice cream cafes.

The Black Sesame gelato was my favourite – nutty, earthy, and rich, complemented with finely grounded sesame texture and the aroma of roasted sesame seeds.

Each scoop of sesame gelato is akin to eating the solid form of the traditional sesame paste, comforting and memorable.

If you are not even a fan of durian, note that the durian gelato was pretty pungent even when the lid was removed.

Smooth and creamy texture without feeling icy, the durian taste was pronounced.

However, it was overall slightly on the sweeter side, especially when icing sugar was sprinkled onto the waffles as a finishing touch.

I was glad that I opted for the chocolate shavings at an additional $1 using 72% Lindt dark chocolate, as it added a hint of bitterness to counter balance the sweetness from the durian flavour.

Witness how the chocolate is being shaved by hand at your table, adding a little interactive and perhaps luxurious touch to the dessert.

The waffle ($2) was decent, with a chewier texture with slight crisp on the edges.

My only qualm was that the gelato and waffle were served in a small tableware, making it difficult to cut the waffle.

Apart from gelato, drinks are also available on the menu. Think Kopi (Hot $1.50, Iced $1.90), Tea (Hot $1.50, Iced $1.90), Milo (Hot $2.20, Iced $2.50) or unique ones such as Milkshaes (Classic $8.50, Premium $9).

Celine’s Gelato has one of the most affordable gelato with waffles in the market. A hidden gem indeed.

Celine’s Gelato
275 Thomson Road, Novena Regency, #01-30, Singapore 307645
Opening Hours: 10am – 8pm (Mon – Sat), Closed Sun

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* Written by Nicholas Tan @stormscape who loves all things [NEW]. DFD paid for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.


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