My “East Coast Plan” is getting more exciting of late with the opening of many new cafes such as Kings Cart Coffee Factory, C Café and the ’chio’ Starbucks flagship store in a heritage building at Katong Square.

This East Coast (Foodie) Plan continues with a new addition just few doors away from the famous Birds Of Paradise and 328 Katong Laksa (East Coast) – a double-storey Korean restaurant specialising in Bagels and Coffee in the day and Firewood Chicken at night.

Bagels and Chicken? Bring it on.

Stepping inside, you will first encounter the kitchen and a small 10-seaters space on the first floor and another 8 seats outside.

The space on the upper level is bigger and can accommodate another 34 people, also decked in the same tables and chairs, with interior decoration made from wood and tree logs that resonate with their name “firewood” literally.

Food-wise, only Korean-style Bagels ($5 – $13) are available for lunch till 3pm.

Using sauces imported from Korea, 6 different Bagels flavours are available, namely Chickey ($10), Cowboy ($12), Gammon known as cured pork ($11), Salmon ($13), Halibut ($12) and Cream Cheese ($5).

Choose between 3 different types for your Bagels. Available options include Plain, Blueberry, Onion & Sesame, and each option is served with golden-brown curly fries by the side.

Unfortunately, the Original and Onion & Sesame Bagels were out of stock during my time of visit, and I decided be adventurous to settle for the Blueberries Bagels instead.

I enjoyed the Nova Lox Bagel ($13) that comes with thick salmon slices that added a textural contrast to the well-executed moist and chewy bagel.

The combination of Caper mayonnaise and cream cheese elevated the taste, making it more complex with a savory punch.

The tomatoes, arugula, red onion and avocado add a refreshing crunch and creaminess as well.

I decided to order the Cowboy Bagel ($12) for takeaway that comes with the most number of ingredients (8 in total), beautifully wrapped and sliced into halves.

Stacked with Iceberg lettuce, cucumber, Gherkins (pickled cucumber), caramelised onion, tomato, guacamole and Mozzarella cheese, the blueberry bagel buns added some fruity sweetness that complemented well with the savoury meat.

The dinner menu available from 5pm features dishes with a hearty portion such as Firewood Chicken ($28), Charcoal BQ Chicken (Half $20/ Whole $35), Nude Chicken ($18), DIY Rice Balls ($8) and Hot Chicken Carbonara Ramen ($8).

I ordered the recommended Firewood Chicken with a butterfly-shaped chicken served on Korean heukmi bap which is purple rice with nutty flavour.

While the menu features pictures with chicken on fire, my poultry came served on a hot plate wrapped in foil.

While there was none of that dramatic effect, it was still a tasty-meets-juicy chicken with light crisp on the golden skin.

Lift up the butt of the bird, and you would find the delectable part of sticky rice below which gets its flavours from melted butter and all of that chicken oil dripping below. I see that as good protein.

Make two trips or hang around till late if you need to try both.

Firewood Chicken and Bagel
43 East Coast Road, Singapore 428764
Opening Hours: 5pm – 1am (Mon – Sun)

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* Written by Nicholas Tan @stormscape who loves all things [NEW]. Addition input by Daniel @DanielFoodDiary. DFD paid for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.


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