If you are looking at getting cakes of a different kind with a touch of nostalgia, such as Pandan Coconut Cake and Coffee Cake with Maple Glazed Walnuts, consider this new-to-market brand Flourfields.

Flourfields is an online bakery and patisserie featuring nostalgic bakes using everyday ingredients, and crafted for the next generation.

How it works is cakes are ordered online (no physical store) at www.flourfields.sg, with a flat islandwide delivery fee of $7 ($15 for specific time delivery) – all at the convenience of your fingertips.

The good news: FREE Delivery with minimum $65 spent.

It is about bakes that are familiar, non-occasional and comforting to Singaporean palette and beyond.

At the core of its brand (derived from a play on “flower fields”) lies the concepts of serenity and comfort.

Cakes are inspired more by traditions and less of fancy techniques and trends.

For its official launch, Flourfields is introducing 5 bakes as part of the brand-new Home-Baked Series.

They all come in a single size of 16 cm which is estimated to feed about 5 to 7 people. While they are generally sold as a whole cake ($47 – $49), there is the option to pick half-half of 2 flavours ($52), or quarters of 4 flavours ($57).

Made with modern twists, more premium and higher quality ingredients, these 5 cakes are inspired from wildflowers and potentially nostalgia-inducing. Here’s more:

Sweet Dandelion – Pandan Coconut Cake ($47)
Inspired by the wild flower dandelion – a symbol of gift for loved ones, Sweet Dandelion is a green and fluffy sponge cake made with pandan leaves and pure coconut milk.

It has a unique sweet-savoury frosting thanks to the added brown sugar and sea salt.

As a finishing touch, the cake is covered with lightly toasted coconut flakes and topped with a crisp dehydrated pandan sponge.

I would say this was a tad denser than chiffon, and the light coconut butter cream added a varied wet texture in the middle. Beautiful pandan-perfumed fragrance as well.

Of all the newly introduced cakes, this is my personal favourite.

Marigold Bloom – Orange Chocolate Cake ($45)
This bundt cake combines the allure of dark chocolate, the zesty flavour of fresh orange juice.

Inspired by Marigold, a symbol of beauty and warmth of the rising sun, Marigold Bloom is a soft, creamy and buttery cake radiating with a coating of dark chocolate.

A sprinkling of orange zest livens up its look and flavour.

Crimson Brambles – Raspberry Chocolate Cake ($49)
Berry-meet-chocolate in this layered sponge cake named after the raspberry ramble.

Like the rough and thorny bramble that unexpectedly yields crimson-hued raspberries, this cake reveals home-cooked raspberry compote in the centre.

Bite into a slice of Crimson Brambles Cake and taste its refreshing, slightly tangy filling in between layers of dark chocolate sponge.

Coated entirely in choco frosting, this dark chocolatey cake is extra moist thanks to the yoghurt in mixture.

Mellow Snowdrop – Banana Cake with Brown Sugar Frosting ($47)
Mellow Snowdrop takes inspiration from the legendary snowdrop flower, the courier of spring.

This two-layer banana-flavoured cake is made rich and moist with butter and cream cheese.

Of all the cakes, this tasted the most ‘old-school’ but there was a twist with the slathering of brown-sugar frosting.

Forget-Me-Not – Coffee Cake with Maple Glazed Walnuts ($49)
Highly-recommended for coffee lovers, Coffee Maple Walnut Cake is inspired by forget-me-not, a wildflower symbolising long-lasting connections.

Traditional cake ingredients blended with coffee, maple syrup, and cream cheese in an unforgettable combination.

An ideal accompaniment for coffee and tea, Forget-Me-Not’s aroma and flavour may bring back memories of childhood.

My favourite part was the crunchy walnuts glazed in sweet maple – I wished there was more.

Cakes Care Tips:
– Cakes can be stored up to 3 days for optimum quality, max 5 days for consumption.
– Do transfer the cakes to an airtight container and keep them refrigerated.
– Recommended to leave the cakes out in room temperature for at least 20 – 30 minutes before consuming.

Flourfields Gooey Centre Cookies ($15 for 2 pieces)
If large and molten-centred cookies are your thing, look out for Flourfields’ thick fist-sized cookie with crisped golden-brown outer with a soft and gooey centre.

The cookies come in seasonal flavours, and the current ones are Pecan & Walnut Cookies, or Strawberry with Lotus Biscuit Cookies.

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Islandwide Delivery at $7 via Website: www.flourfields.sg
Facebook: www.facebook.com/flourfields.sg

– Fill up google form (Link on website) or simply DM them on Facebook or Instagram @flourfields.sg
– Only delivery; no self pick-up

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Flourfields.


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