Chicken-based ramen full of collagen? Kure Menya is a modern Japanese noodle joint specialising in inexpensive chicken ramen and more.

A Tori Paitan-style Chashu Ramen is priced at only $11.90 Nett. No GST or service charge.

You may have spotted the eatery previously at I12 Katong, and it has relocated to Fraser Towers Level 2 in the heart of the CBD. To find it, it is just across the road from Amoy Street Food Centre, a few minutes’ walk from Tanjong Pagar MRT station.

Using only Halal-certified ingredients, this no-pork, no-lard restaurant offers a line-up of specialty ramen dishes, along with rice, noodle and side dishes.

Follow Kure Menya’s Facebook or Instagram and get a FREE Ajitama Egg (worth $2) for dine-in orders. Valid till end Sep 2020.

Due to the “Circuit Breaker”, they have also developed an online ordering platform at

If you prefer to stay indoors and have your ramen delivered, there is islandwide delivery fee available at $9 (FREE delivery for orders $55 and above.) They are also on foodpanda for residents in the Tanjong Pagar vicinity.

Tori Fest Ramen – Original or Spicy ($17.50 Nett)
At the heart of each bowl of ramen is a collagen-rich chicken broth, meticulously prepared with attention, knowledge and precision for more than 8 hours.

The cloudiness in the soup is achieved from cooking chicken bones at a higher temperature with more robust boiling – no additional milk is included.

To bring out the true flavour of fresh ingredients, Kure Menya never uses MSG to season its cooking. Instead, it focuses on using ingredients to deliver unique taste profiles and umami.

This nutritious-tasting broth is the foundation of a signature Kure Menya ramen. I found the soup semi-rich (compared to the usual tonkotsu), surprisingly not salty, and therefore drinkable to the last drop.

Enjoy a festival of yummy toppings with Tori Fest Ramen, a starred item in the menu.

Compared to the regular ramen, this comes with way more meat – chicken chashu and chicken braised sukiyaki style. Served with Ajitama egg and fresh chopped spring onions.

Tori Chashu Ramen – Original or Spicy ($11.90 Nett)
This is Kure Menya’s classic chashu ramen featuring two thin slices of meat so tender you would think twice if they are chicken. Because they are purposefully shaped this way as well.

A to-try for first timers at Kure Menya.

Steeped in the signature collagen-rich broth are soft yet springy ramen noodles topped with thin strips of black fungus and lots of chopped spring onions.

Ratio of noodles to broth is just right, though I would personally prefer the noodles to have more springiness as it was cooked too soft.

If you like things spicy, this is also available in spicy version for an extra dose of Kure Menya’s In-house Sichuan-style chili (they also sell the chilli oil for $5.00 for a bottle of 200ml).

Tori Sukiyaki Ramen – Original or Spicy ($11.90 Nett)
Don’t miss this specialty ramen featuring braised chicken prepared sukiyaki-style – part sweet and savoury.

An order gives you 4-5 pieces of large, juicy chunks of chicken cubes, along with thin strips of black fungus and chopped spring onions.

All these are served atop a bowl of ramen noodles in a light, tasty milky broth.

Maze-men – Original or Spicy ($11.90 Nett)
Don’t feel like slurping hot broth? Go for a dry ramen. Instead of the collagen-rich broth, maze-men (Japanese for “mix” + “noodles”) puts together ramen noodles, toppings and a homemade black sauce.

This no-broth ramen is topped with a couple of tori chashu, black fungus strips, spring onions, and a sprinkling of roasted sesame seeds.

Mala Abalone Ramen ($29.90 Nett)
Do you know they have an off-menu ramen? Order this fiery ramen made with superior ingredient and delicacy abalone.

While the bowl looked pricy, there were quite a number of pieces of abalone. There were five?

Some people may not like the chewiness of abalone, but this was surprisingly soft in texture.

Instead of coming in a soup-based, the noodles were tossed in a Sichuan-style rich sauce fused with spices and peppercorns for that numbing flavour.

It turned out that the chef used to be from a popular Sichuan restaurant in Singapore, and decided to put his skills and experience to good use.

Slurp your way to a deliciously hot ramen, served with tender chicken chashu slices.

Fried Rice ($8.80 Nett)
A classic fried rice dish served with slices of chicken, bits of scrambled egg and spring onions.

Despite its simplicity, it was packed with wok-hei from stir-frying in intense heat.

You can tell that each grain of rice is tossed well so that they have that eggy-ness yet do not clump or stick.

Available in original and spicy.

Cheesy Gyoza ($6.80 Nett for 4pcs)
Complement your ramen with deep-fried gyoza, a recommended side dish with a crunchy exterior and tender minced filling.

Served with melted nacho cheese on top, these plump handmade Japanese dumplings give you a crisp bite mellowed by a smooth mouthfeel.

The gyozas are all handmade in-house, and if you like to bring some home, they are available in frozen packs of chicken ($10 for 10 pieces) or beef ($10 for 8 pieces).

Tori Nacho Bomb ($6.80 Nett for 3 pcs)
These homemade Tori Nacho Bombs are breaded meatballs stuffed with nacho cheese.

Bite into its crunchy-fried exterior to reveal a tender, moist chicken filling and an explosion of melted cheese. A party in the mouth for cheese lovers.

Other side dishes available include Deep-Fried Gyoza ($5.50 for 4pcs), Chicken Karaage ($5.50 for 4pcs), and Tori Sukiyaki ($5.50).

Remember to follow Kure Menya’s Facebook or Instagram and get a FREE Ajitama Egg (worth $2) for dine-in orders. Valid till end Sep 2020.

Islandwide Delivery
Available via online ordering platform
– $9 islandwide delivery
– FREE islandwide delivery for orders $55 and above

Also available on BYSGFORSG App:
– $5 Islandwide delivery + $3 Small order fee for orders below $20
– $5 Islandwide delivery for orders between $20 to $55
– FREE islandwide delivery for orders $55 and above

Kure Menya
182 Cecil Street Frasers Tower #02-11, Singapore 069547 (Tanjong Pagar MRT)
Opening Hours: 11am – 9:30pm (Mon – Sun)

Kure Menya

* This post is brought to you in partnership with Kure Menya.


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