Popular sushi restaurant Magic Touch has opened in Singapore at CityLink Mall.

Magic Touch which originated in Taiwan in 2015, is known for its innovative ordering system and large selection of Japanese food items has expanded quickly overseas, with outlets in China, Hong Kong, California, and now Singapore.

Just a ‘touch’ of ordering for a ‘magical’ experience.

Customers can order many items from sushi, fried or grilled dishes, appetisers, soups, and desserts at the table via an online ordering system.

Simply step in, scan a QR code and order more than 100 Japanese dishes from your handphone, and a “Shinkansen” bullet train will deliver the food to your table.

Items are affordable, with sushi items such as Prime Salmon Belly, Artic Surf Clam, and Boiled Scallop with Garlic Butter are priced at $1.80.

Getting your check is just as simple. After your meal, click the list of ordered items, press “bill”, and proceed to pay at the counter.

Inside, you will find rows of booth and counter seats. The space is designed to integrate with a double-decker beltway system coming out of the kitchen and into the dining area.

It is this rail-like system that delivers your order – everything from starters to desserts, directly to your table via mini Shinkansen bullet trains.

Ready to swipe and order? Here are the recommended Magic Touch items to try:

Assorted Shell Sashimi ($8.50)
Order this plate of assorted shell sashimi, ideal for sharing. This mini selection of fresh raw seafood includes Arctic Surf Clam, Ark Shell, and Scallops.

The soft yet firm-fleshed Akagai or Ark Shell Clam has a mild aroma and taste that develops as it is chewed, while the low-fat high-protein Hokkigai or Arctic Surf Clam has a fresh taste, very juicy texture, and a slight crunch.

Salmon Sashimi ($5.80)
You can’t go wrong with a simple order of Salmon Sashimi, as it gives you that direct taste experience. Fresh and silky thick slices of raw salmon need nothing else for it to stand out.

Seared Caramel Salmon ($2.50)
This features a large piece of fresh salmon, topped with sweet mayo then torched. What I liked was that there was a small piece of lemon included, for that touch of tanginess to balance out the sweetness.

Seared Beef ($4.00)
A pair of thin sliced beef strips resting on some sushi rice, with the quick sear on the meat resulting in a savoury grilled taste.

Seared Tamagoyaki ($2.00)
A piece of long Japanese rolled omelette on sushi, seared and topped with ebiko, with a balance between savoury and sweet.

Jumbo Scallop with Mentaiko ($2.00)
You get a pair of fresh scallops on top of sushi rice. Sharing the billing with the scallops is the luscious mentaiko slathered over them, adding a slight-spicy twist to the natural scallop taste.

Jumbo Crab Stick with Cheese ($2.50)
Kani surimi, the popular Japanese crab stick gets an upgrade as it joins forces with the much-loved cheese and mayo, then torched.

There is also a black pepper version.

Mentaiyaki Chicken Skewered ($4.50)
Mentaiko or marinated pollock roe sharpens the flavour of chicken in this dish. The chicken thigh pieces get that savoury, salty and somewhat-spicy flavour from the Japanese fish roe.

Fried Mozzarella Cheese Sticks ($3.50)
Sticks of mozzarella is coated with Panko bread crumbs and deep-fried to a crisp. Inside, the melted cheese is waiting to ooze out, ready to transform to a lovely cheese pull.

Fried Soft-Shell Crab ($7.50)
Treat yourself to this crustacean delicacy, a seasoned soft, moulted crab dunked and dredged with flour and dipped in beaten egg. The soft-shelled crab is flash-fried in hot oil to a light crisp.

As a bonus, you may find crab fat or tomalley in its cavities – an indulgent creamy, yellow paste.

Hiroshima Oyster ($2.50)
Enjoy these bivalves from Hiroshima, the largest producer of oysters in Japan. Raised with care, they are plump and juicy.

Available in both original and spicy version, the former can be enjoyed with natural sweetness; while the other is topped with Sriracha hot sauce.

Seared Beef Donburi ($5.50)
Add a bowl of fluffy Japanese steamed rice to your meal, included with beansprouts and topped with seared beef. This cooking process locks in the juices in the meat, making the sliced beef tender and succulent.

As a topping, it is simmered in a savoury glaze that goes well with the plain steamed rice. Break the oozy onsen egg and give it a good mix.

Sweet Potato Chestnut Croquette ($3.00)
This crunchy appetiser is made with mashed purple sweet potatoes and pureed chestnuts. The deep-frying process gives it that much-loved golden hue and exterior crispiness.

Due to its delicate sweetness, you can treat this almost like a dessert piece.

Flourless Chocolate Cake ($3.50)
This dense and fudgy semi-sweet chocolate cake as a sweet treat.

Brown Sugar Milk Pudding ($2.50)
The brown sugar added a distinctive caramelised sweetness to the wobbly pudding.

Magic Touch
1 Raffles Link, CityLink Mall #B1-23, Singapore 039393
Opening Hours: 11am – 8pm (Mon – Sun)

* This post is brought to you in partnership with Magic Touch.


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