Challenge or opportunity?

The COVID-19 proved to be a period none of us would have expected, similarly for this family whose many members found themselves out of jobs.

However, they found strength together, made the best out of the situation, and turned to selling Ngoh Hiang and Bee Hoon online.

The recipe was actually passed down by their great-grandmother, modified slightly by their grandmother. So you can say it is a recipe that was passed through 4 generations.

The “Circuit Breaker” period even tough, proved to be an encouraging time for them as they found support from friends, online customers, and strangers who became regulars.

Their stall may be difficult to find for those unfamiliar with the Lavender area, within a coffeeshop at 462 Crawford Lane somewhere of walking distance from Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodles or Tolido’s Espresso Nook.

The menu is straight-forward, with offerings of Ngoh Hiang ($5), Fried Beehoon ($2), Fried Chicken Wings ($2 each).

There are sets of Ngoh Hiang with Bee Hoon ($6.50) or Rice ($5.50). Soon to be available are Prawn Fritters mixed with different flour to make to it chewy like mochi.

Hmm… old-school.

Their Bee Hoon would appeal to those who crave for simplicity, not drenched in sauces, neither greasy nor oily.

It reminded me of very versions cooked up by friends’ mothers or grandmothers – in a good way I guess.

My favourite parts were the crunchy cabbages that were fried together, also to make it a little sweeter too.

If you do a close-up on the beehoon, you would find little fried shrimps and scallions added for fragrance.

The Ngoh Hiang ($5 for solo order) is their signature dish that mainly uses prawn, water chestnut and pork meat. The ingredients are cut by hands so that the texture of the meat will be chewy.

However, some of you may find it lacking of something… 5 spice powder, and so may be ‘thrown off’.

To me, what worked was the portion and length. It was a 7-inch long meaty roll that you possibly cannot find anywhere else at this price.

What I would recommend is to add some of their ‘garlicky’ chilli dip with a little sour, sweet and spicy taste. Just a dip will do, as it can prove to be fiery for some.

The Fried Chicken Wings ($2 each) were marinated over long hours with special sauce to ensure the sauce enters the meat.

Also, a little of alcohol was used to make it taste a little sweet and fragrance at the same time.

Customers would therefore find it browner than a usual version, and perhaps lacking of a usual crisp battered layer as they do not add too much flour so that people can get to eat the original taste of the meat.

Some people if looking for a more ‘commercialised’ taste, may be slightly disappointed.

What you get here is simple things done right, with that homely feeling.

Sim’s Ngoh Hiang
462 Crawford Lane, #01-29, Singapore 190462
Tel: +65 9456 1018
Opening Hours: 11am – 8pm (Tues – Sun), Closed Mon

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