While many character cafes in Singapore have short life spans, Kumoya known for its numerous pop-up cafes has opened a new outlet at Orchard Central #04-08.

This Kumoya @ Orchard Central is bigger at 2000 sq ft (more space for social distancing), brighter, overlooking Singapore’s Orchard Road. (Kumoya currently has a Bad Badtz-Maru and Gudetama Pop-Up Café at Jalan Klapa.)

Orchard Central is no stranger to character cafes as well, with The Minions and Pompompurin previously having a space here.

For the launch of this new outlet, Kumoya is welcoming Rilakkuma and friends. Wah, long time no see Rilakkuma. (I remember visiting Taipei’s Rilakkuma Café some time back.)

“Rilakkuma” means “bear in relaxed mood”, and the character is known to be continuously lazy or more correctly said stress-free and also doing things at his own pace (sounds like a couple of people I know).

This pop-up “Rilakkuma -The Relax Café” will be the first semi-permanent San-X characters pop-up café in South East Asia, as it will be a year-long collaboration with various San-X characters making their appearance.

Other San-X characters include Kutusitanyanko, Sentimental Circus, Mamegoma, Monokuro Boo, Tsuginohikerori, Kamonohashikamo, Kireizukinseikatsu, Tarepanda, and Afro Ken.

The menu is once again designed by Shirley Wong aka @littlemissbento) in collaboration with the Kumoya kitchen crew. (I should do a listicle on all the character cafes she designed in Singapore some day – it is no easy feat.)

Here are some of the mains you can look forward to:

Relaxy Rilakkuma Chicken Cordon Bleu ($29.90)

Rest & Relax Rilakkuma Chicken Stew Rice ($25.90)

Kawaii Rilakkuma Salmon Rice ($26.90)

Chill-out Rilakkuma Yuzu Carbonara Pasta ($23.90)

Chirpy Kiiroitori Beef Stew Rice ($23.90)

Rilakkuma Chill-out Tendon Rice Set ($27.90)

There will be 11 Snacks, 9 Mains, 5 Desserts and 12 Beverages available. While there is no pork, no lard, and no alcohol, note that the café is not Halal-certified.

Rilakkuma – The Relax Café
Kumoya @ Orchard Central #04-08, 181 Orchard Road, Singapore 238896
Opening Hours: 11am – 9:30pm, Last Order 30 minutes before closing (Mon – Sun)

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  1. Not as what i expected, bad experience for the food.

    Tried this last week, the food which i ordered Chirpy Kiiroitori Beef Stew Rice turns out to be hard and unchewable, especially for the beef.

    As for the Rest & Relax Rilakkuma Chicken Stew Rice, it seems tasteless and the brocoli was like overcooked.


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