With the relative success of gourmet burgers found in hawker stalls such as Hammee’s, Burgs by Project Warung, Ashes Burnnit and Dirty Buns, it is quite predictably so we will see more burger stalls popping around.

Some are riding on the bandwagon, but there are others who go what it takes.

Skirt & Dirt first got my attention as it is opened at my favourite Tiong Bahru Food Centre and has an intriguing black signboard with a stacking-burger logo.

So why not?

I visited them anonymously, and was first surprised to see the prices.

$5.80 for a Cheese Skirt Beef Burger? $7.80 for a set with soup and fries?

Bonus: they also provide croutons to put on the soup. We (customers) got a good deal here.

(Anyway, there will always be people still complaining, ”Why so expensive?” but have no qualms about their Shake Shack and Five Guys, but let’s not go there.)

They are possibly the first hawker stall in Singapore to serve Cheese Skirt Burger, which has the cheese seared with a salty, cracker-like texture which is also an eye-catcher.

The patties are more of 100% beef rump, which was juicy and complemented the crispy texture of the cheese skirt very well.

If I have a feedback, I wished there was a double patty option for a better, fuller bite, and better balance the saltiness and crunchiness of the cheese.

Oh yes, the cheese may get rather soggy if you takeaway, so it is best if you can have it there and then.

Also on the menu are Duck Confit Burger ($6.80), Burger of the Month – to keep things interesting ($5.80), Dirt Fries ($4), Soup of the Day ($2), Cajun Fries ($3) and Garden Salad ($3).

The Duck Confit Burger is also one-of-a-kind here, with meat prepared in the wee hours of the morning daily.

While the pieces were tender and not gamey, I felt that the pieces were not substantial enough for the burger. Again, I won’t mind they give a double portion version and up its price for that item.

A promising new gourmet stall in the Tiong Bahru neighbourhood with good pricing, which should attract hipsters around in time to come.

Skirt and Dirt
Tiong Bahru Food Centre #02-66, 30 Seng Poh Road Singapore 168898
Opening Hours: 11pm – 7pm (Mon – Sun)

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