Småkagers? These are Danish cookies, and does not just refer to the usual butter cookies that we are familiar with.

From Denmark to Singapore, Leckerbaer has opened at Shaw House Isetan Scotts with a café concept.

Luke’s Lobster is neighbour and the brand-new Shake Shack is just across the road at Liat Towers.

These are no ordinary Danish cookies – both price and taste wise.

Leckerbaer was founded by two pastry chefs, Gabi and Jakob Baer Mogensen, who have extensive experience in the Scandinavian Michelin-Star scene.

The pastry shop makes everything from scratch and there are 8 Småkager in the counter to choose from.

Flavours in Singapore include Banana, Milk, Chocolate, Vanilla, Passionfruit, Raspberry, Lemon, and Caramel.

Over in Denmark, the eight types are always rotating to keep customers interested, I guess it should be so here as well.

However, these are not your usual-priced cookie, with each piece slightly bigger than a 50 cent coin costing $2.80.

If you would like to do a takeaway, they do not sell by per piece but by boxes. A box of 8 pieces goes for $22 (that means $2.75 per piece of cookie), 12 at $32, and 16 at $40.

I did a price comparison and a box in Denmark would work out to be DKK 100 (SGD21.70) which is about the same. There were some customers in the queue who were slightly surprised at the pricing, and there was one who ended up leaving.

What I appreciated was that each cookie tasted distinctly different from the other with its own personality.

The Passionfruit had a softer-and-chewy not-too-crumbly cookie base and sour-sweet custard centre that would appeal to those who love all things tart-y.

For those who prefer something chocolatey rather than fruity, the Milk reminded me of the Black and White cookie with vanilla filings sandwiched between dark chocolate biscuits.

Do I love them?

Kind of, but I wasn’t sure if I would spend that kind of money on a regular basis (than say on a good slice of cake).

Other than cookies, tarts, cakes, summer sundae, ice cream sandwich and breakfast sets are also available.

Savoury tarts from priced at $11 – $13, while a Breakfast Set is at $13.

The Lemon Tart ($7) had a conical meringue layer that tasted like soft clouds in the mouth, but could prove to be too sweet for some.

You must have it together with the base – somehow the extreme sweetness and sharp lemon zing balanced out.

I have no doubt that Singaporeans are quite willing to spend on food, including sweet treats; but the buzz surrounding these Danish cookies may not be as strong as initially anticipated. May be a slight struggle to gain wider acceptance here.

Leckerbaer Singapore
350 Orchard Road, Shaw House Isetan Scotts #01-K2 & #01-K3, Singapore 238868
Opening Hours: 11am – 8pm (Mon – Sun)

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