LeNu serves up Lamian noodles in secret recipes broth that involves many hours of preparation from boiling to being served on the table, all at affordable pricing.

The Premium Braised Beef Noodles was a warm and hearty bowl, made with rich beef stock that took 18 hours of preparation, added with blend of Chinese spices and beef slices, shank and tendon that were meltingly-tender.

Another popular choice is the Spicy Japanese Scallop Dry Noodle, tossed in a specially created sauce. I would recommend topping up for a bowl of pork bone soup rich in collagen.

There are two seasonal items under LeNu’s “Mala Overload” offerings.

The first is called the “Parasite” Wagyu Beef with Soy Bean Paste Dry Noodle in Korean Style ($14.90), inspired by last year’s Oscar’s Best Picture “Parasite”.

In the award-winning Korean movie, featured is Ram-Don (aka Jjapaguri) – a combination of two noodles added with cubes of beef.

LeNu’s take is a combination of Mala and Zha Jiang minced meat noodles, then enhanced with wagyu beef cubes that are braised for several hours.

The other noodles that I personally enjoy because it reminds me of Hong Kong (in a way), is the Nagano Pork Belly with Mala Tomato Broth Noodle ($13.80).

What you get is a soupy bowl of refreshing tangy tomato soup base with the tingling mala kick, with slices of tender pork belly.

There was also a spoonful of tomato puree included, which enhanced the thickness and sweetness as you mix it in.

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