Other than the well-known Westgate, JEM and JCube, you may not know of this 25-storey office tower at Jurong Gateway called Vision Exchange.

It houses up to 40 F&B such as Spaceout 闊 and Venture Drive Coffee, and is a short 5 minutes’ walk from Jurong East MRT staion.

And there is also Ahtti 아띠식당, a 60-seater Korean casual restaurant specialising in Korean Fried Chicken.

The KFC come available in 2 sizes: Half ($18 – $20) or Full ($33 – $35).

There are 5 different flavours to choose from, namely Original ($18/ $33), Yangnyeom – sweet and spicy ($19/ $34), Ganjang – soy ($19/ $34), Chilli Padi ($19/ $34) and Honey Butter ($20/ $35).

Any fans of boneless chicken here?

With options such as wings, drumlets and boneless chicken, you can enjoy eating your favourite parts of the chicken and not compete with your friends over the parts.

And wait, Chilli Padi Fried Chicken?!

This is probably the first time I had come across such a flavour as chilli padi – more commonly found in South East Asian cuisine instead of Korean food.

The (Half portion $19/ Full portion $34) came in a crispy, golden-brown batter, that retained its crisp (even after some time of photo-taking).

To be honest, this is the crispiest Korean Fried Chickens I had in Singapore for a long time.The pieces came wrapped with a light and crunchy batter, yet not as oily as it seemed.

Take a big bite into the tender yet juicy chicken meat, and you may produce ASMR-worthy crunching sound that is addictive and therapeutic to the ears.

Surprisingly, the batter managed to retain the moisture and tenderness of the meat even after deep frying, giving the piece a nice contrast to the crispy batter on the outside.

I enjoyed the level of spiciness of the Chilli Padi Fried Chicken though it was as heart-pounding spicy as I imagined.

The sauce was akin to Thai Sweet Chilli sauce with bits of chopped chilli and seeds that retained a lingering spiciness.

Pretty manageable in terms of spiciness, at least for me.

Speaking about Honey Butter (which became viral due to the various chips such as Calbee Chips), this flavour is now commonly seen in various Korean deep-fried dishes.

The Honey Butter Boneless Fried Chicken ($20/ $35) came with so much seasoning powder, that the fried chicken appeared to be too fair.

No doubt the crispy and crunchy batter is worth a mention, my dining partner commented that the seasoning tasted similar to the Butter Pork Ribs at Two Chefs Eating Place.

Taste-wise, it was similar to milk powder in terms of its mild sweetness and powdery texture. You may taste the resemblance.

Unlike most Korean restaurants that usually serve big portions for sharing purposes, solo diners are welcome here as they do offer meals for a single pax.

Apart from Korean fried chicken, soups such as Kimchi Soup ($11), Soybean Paste Soup ($10), Seafood Tofu Soup ($12), Bibimbap ($12), Spicy Stir-Fry Chicken ($11) and Beef Bulgogi ($12) are available.

While it is not possible to fly to Korea at the moment, Ahtti does provide some comfort in terms of their food offerings.

I appreciate the fact that they provide banchan (Korean side dishes) such as kimchi, seaweed, pickled white radish and Korean fish cake before the meal, as what all restaurants do in Korea to make their guests feel comfortable while waiting for the dishes.

Ahtti 아띠식당
2 Venture Drive, Vision Exchange, #02-43, Singapore 608526
Opening Hours: 12pm – 10.30pm (Mon – Sat), Closed Sun

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* Written by Nicholas Tan @stormscape who loves all things [NEW]. DFD paid for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.


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