Jimmy Monkey has come a long way, from their first outlet at One-North Residences since 2011.

Now you can spot the different “Jimmy Monkies” at various parts of Singapore, from One-North Gateway (opened 2011), Carpenter Street (private space under contract with SG INNOVATE to supply their inhouse cohorts) and their latest outlet at Park Place Residences in Paya Lebar Quarter (PLQ).

However, note that only their One-North Residences and Park Place Residences outlets are currently in operation this period.

Known to be the home of Singapore’s first Slayer Espresso Machine (aka the Ferrari in the coffee industry), the café is well-loved for its coffee blends.

Their design and layout have changed drastically from a dark and cosy indoor setting with bookshelves and a toilet bowl (it does sound quirky) at One-North Residences; to a full outdoor, alfresco setting with ample natural sunlight and greenery at Paya Lebar Residences.

If you love all things blue, then this is a place to visit, with various blue accents found in different parts of the space.

The one striking part is the iconic Slayer Espresso Machine sitting right at the counter, decked in a sleek Azure blue, with their iconic blue cups and saucers with the Jimmy Monkey logo on them.

An addition to the family will be the tall blue stools that lined the entire perimeter of the compound for those who fancy some social distancing.

Their breakfast menu runs from 8am to 5.30pm daily, focusing on Australian brunch fare such as The Hulk ($16) with smashed avocado on sourdough, Egg’s n’ Toast ($10) and Maple Granola ($12).

Exclusive to the new outlet at Paya Lebar is their dinner menu available from 6pm to 9pm daily.

Other than small bites such as Slow Cooked Cauliflower ($7), Cracked Rosemary Tots ($9), Pasta ($18-23) and Salad ($19-20), diners also have more filling options including the Boston Bay Mussel Pot ($23), Thai Laksa Beef Short Ribs ($26) and Pumpkin Moussaka ($22) are popular choices.

The Cracked Rosemary Tots ($9) consists of smashed spuds aka potatoes and homegrown rosemary, were simple, yet addictively-tasty.

The spuds were baked to give a perfect shade of golden brown with a layer of crispy skin, further sprinkled with sea salt for that something extra.

Served with Kalamta Olive-garlic aioli by the side, I didn’t really fancy the combination that leaves a lingering sour plum-like, sun-dried tomatoes aftertaste.

That might have overpowered the light and refreshing taste of the potatoes.

The Pumpkin Moussaka ($22) – not mousse cake as what my friends misread, is worth a mention.

The Moussaka is a Greek-style “Lasagna” with grounded meat added to either eggplant or potato, in this case, mutton and pumpkin are used.

The cauliflower was cooked with curry, Bechamel sauce and cheese before adding to the mutton base, creating a smooth, moist and velvety outer layer.

The spices were well-balanced without being overpowering, allowing one to taste the various elements in one dish.

The Thai Laksa Beef Short Ribs ($26) was probably the most eye-catching dish on the menu, created with an Asian influence.

The beef shirt ribs were braised for hours to yield a soft, moist and fork-tender texture that would melt in the mouth.

However, it was slightly on the saltier side.

The green mango salad, mixed with puff rice for an additional crunch had a mild taste that was neither spicy nor sour like their Thai counterparts.

Their Flat White ($5) is worth a mention, with a beautiful latte art skillfully drawn in the shape of a cute bear.

I enjoyed the Flat White which is smooth, heavy bodied, strong and slightly acidic.

The beans are from the latest iteration of their Ironbark Blend, a 5-bean blend with base of beans from Brazil and stunning and balanced accents from Guatemala, Colombian, Ethiopian and Peru.

Jimmy Monkey has expanded their brunch menu focusing on Australian fare to a more diverse culture seen in their dinner menu.

With a cozy alfresco dining space in a quaint corner of Paya Lebar Quarter, Jimmy Monkey can be a spot for a good cup of coffee while basking under the sun and immersing in the lush greeneries.

Jimmy Monkey at PLQ
2 Paya Lebar Road #01-10, Park Place Residences at PLQ, Singapore 409053
Opening Hours: 8am – 10:30pm (Mon – Sun)

Jimmy Monkey Cafe & Bar
One-North Residences #01-51, 9 One-North Gateway, Singapore 138643
Opening Hours: 8am – 4pm (Mon – Sun)

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* Written by Nicholas Tan @stormscape who loves all things [NEW]. DFD paid for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.


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