There is this kopitiam called “KPT Bishan 284” which appeals to night owls around Bishan for Ding Ji Fish Maw Soup Bak Chor Mee, 284 Kway Chap, Congee, Good Taste Hainanese Chicken Rice and more.

Open starting at 8:30pm, the 284 Kway Chap stall is a stall for a cheap and filling supper option.

It is a popular spot for late-night cravings as it dishes out Kway Chap until 3am (used to be 4am).

Customers who reach the front of the line go there to pick and point, and items include Big Intestines ($2), Small Intestines ($1), Pig’s Tongue ($1), Preserved Vegetables ($1), Tau Kwa ($1), Tau Pok ($0.50), Fishcake ($0.70), Pork Belly ($2), and Egg ($0.50).

The final cost may be slightly higher than the average hawker stall outside. Even if the line don’t seem that long, they do take a while to clear the queue with one person doing all the chopping.

284 Kway Chap

Ingredients are generally fresh; you can tell they thoroughly cleaned and cooked the intestines, marinating it for fuller flavours.

Sorry, but they don’t have pork trotters here.

However, you would notice that the ingredients here are generally lightly braised, the <em”lor” (braising sauce) not as dark and robust (入味) . It seems to be on the ‘healthier’ end, with less oil and salt.

284 Kway Chap

Want to skip the offal? Try the set which comes with pork belly, fish cake, tofu, beancurd, and egg, plus salted veggies and rind.

Their version of kway (rice sheets) is doused in a soy-based broth that leans on the sweet side. If you enjoy things sweet, then a bowl would not be enough.

Soft and thin, the rice sheets complement that light bodied, not-too-oily broth.
Worth mentioning for chili lovers that their chili packs a punch and is sour-good. Best pairing for the tender braised pig intestines.

284 Kway Chap

284 Kway Chap (Bishan Street 22)
284 Bishan Street 22, Singapore 570284
Opening Hours: 8:30pm – 3am (Mon – Sun)

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