Mango Pomelo 杨枝甘露 is a popular Hong Kong dessert included with mango, pomelo, sago and coconut milk, well appreciated on a hot and humid day.

The Chinese name “Yang Zhi Gan Lu” 杨枝甘露 is said to come from the concept of dropping manna from a willow branch, the feeling which makes people feel refreshed after tasting it.

While most would associate this dessert with Hong Kong, do you know that the dessert has its origins in Singapore?

It said to be invented by Lei Garden in 1984 when it opened its first branch in Singapore.

Former Head Chef created the dessert inspired by local ingredients available in here. Apparently, he intentionally invented this dessert to make people feel COOLDER after having a taste of it. Another version claims the dessert was invented to make use of leftover pomelo after Chinese New Year.

Here are 10 places to have Mango Pomelo Sago Desserts in Singapore:

Ah Chew Desserts 阿秋甜品
1 Liang Seah Street, #01-10/11 Liang Seah Place Singapore 189032
Tel: +65 6339 8198
Opening Hours: 12:30pm – 12am (Mon – Thurs), 12:30pm – 1am (Fri), 1:30pm – 1am (Sat), 1:30pm – 12am (Sun, PH)

181 Thomson Road, Goldhill Shopping Centre, Singapore 307627
Tel: +65 6254 8198
Opening Hours: 12:30pm – 12am (Mon – Fri), 12:30pm – 12am (Sat, Sun)

The Mango Pomelo Sago ($4.50) at Ah Chew Desserts is one of the most memorable in Singapore with its lavish serving of ingredients made of fresh fruits.

The dessert is presented with generous servings of fresh mango, sago, pomelo and doused in 3 different kinds of milk (coconut, evaporated and condensed milk) together with small pieces of crashed ice.

In this variation, a touch of coconut cream is added on top of the usual evaporated milk, giving it fragrance and extra texture.

The sweetness of the ripe, juicy mango chunks is complimented by the refreshing, citrus pomelo pulps that bursts and crunch at every mouthful.

Some people do not like the size of the crushed ice, but I don’t quite mind it. The perfect heat quencher for our hot and humid climate.

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Jin Yu Man Tang Dessert Shop 金玉满堂甜品
66 East Coast Road, The Flow #01-03 Singapore 428778
+65 6214 3380
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 10:30pm (Mon – Sun)

It is fair enough to say that Mango Sago Pomelo ($5.00) aka ”Yang Zhi Gan Lu” is one of Singapore’s favourite Chinese-style dessert.

Jin Yu Man Tang Dessert Shop 金玉满堂甜品 is quite a hidden shop at The Flow along Katong.

Their version came with grapefruit pulp, which provides that slightly-bitter and tart taste which complemented the sweet, fresh mangoes.

I also enjoyed that the desserts here, are generally not too sweet.

Jin Yu Man Tang Dessert Shop (East Coast)

Via Deliveroo, GrabFood, foodpanda. Takeaways for bulk preorder, call +65 6214 3380

Ji De Chi Dessert 記得吃甜品
8 Liang Seah Street, #01-03, Singapore 189029
Tel: +65 6339 9928
Opening Hours: 11am – 11pm (Mon – Thurs, Sun), 11am – 11:50pm (Fri – Sat)

Further down Liang Seah Street, there is Ji De Chi which has a version that is not as sweet as the one at Ah Chew.

However at $5.50, we found the serving portion smaller.

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Mei Heong Yuen Desserts 味香园甜品
63-67 Temple Street, Singapore 058611
Tel: +65 6221 1156
Opening Hours: 12pm – 10pm (Tues – Sun), Closed Mon

You know the owner is very serious with her desserts when she emphasized with great confidence that the Mango Pomelo is made with fresh mango.

Nothing artificial or frozen.

Instead of adding in milk, whipped cream was used. The result was a bowl of refreshing, creamy and sweet dessert with all the components coming together beautifully.

Delivery Delivery fee from $5, minimum order $35 – $60.

Dessert Bowl 一碗甜品
80A Serangoon Garden Way Singapore 555976 (Near Serangoon MRT)
Tel: +65 6285 1278
Opening Hours: 1pm – 10:30pm (Tues – Thurs), 1pm – 12am (Fri – Sun), Closed Mon

Dessert Bowl is one of the few places where you can get Mango Pomelo ($4.50) late at night.

Tucked in a quiet corner in Serangoon Garden, away from Chomp Chomp, Dessert Bowl showcases an interesting collection of miniature stalls of Dai Pai Dong (open air food stalls in Hongkong).

More known for their durian desserts, the Mango Pomelo is as comparable. There is an Aiyu Mango ($4.50) and Mango Snow Mountain ($4.70) variations.

The tangy mango puree with a welcoming serving of diced mango could put many mediocre Mango Pomelo to shame.

Hui Lau Shan Singapore
133 New Bridge Rd, B1-48 Chinatown Point, Singapore 059413
Tel: +65 8299 1565
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm (Mon – Sun)

NEX #03-K21/K20/K19, 23 Serangoon Central, Singapore 556083
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm (Mon – Sun)

Hui Lau Shan 許留山 is possibly Hong Kong’s most visible dessert store, known for their ‘kwai ling ko’ and mango treats.

The mango dessert specialist has made its return back to Singapore, located at the basement of Chinatown Point (near Taikoo Lane Hotpot), and Serangoon NEX.

The brand is best known for its Mango series made from Carabao Mangoes, with a huge range of mango puddings, mango sago, mango jellies, mango glutinous balls and drinks.

There are 7 types of Mango desserts available in Singapore, including Mango Triple Delight ($5.90), Mango Pop Pop ($5.90), Mango Crystal Jelly ($5.35), Sago Duet ($6.95), Mango Coconut Ribbon ($5.90) and Mango Chewy Ball ($6.95).

The Mango Sago ($5.35) though may seem to be slightly pricier, is generous with portions, coming with fresh mango chunks, chilled mango puree and soft sago. Slightly sweeter than the average brand here, but for those who miss that sweet taste of Hong Kong.

Via GrabFood and foodpanda.

Honeymoon Dessert
Bugis Junction 200 Victoria St, 01-70, Singapore 188021
Tel: +65 6837 0027
Opening Hours: 12pm – 10:30pm (Mon – Sun)

Another popular Hong Kong chain, Honeymoon Dessert is founded in 1995 in Sai Kung.

The Mango Pomelo & Sago Sweet Soup ($6.50) comes with rich mango, grapefruit, sago mixed with mango juicy and milk.

This version would be a little milkier, thicker, and one would wish for a bigger bowl for that price (but it’s always the standard squarish bowl).

I usually prefer getting the Snow White Sago ($6.50) which comes with mango, banana, longan, palm’s seeds and basil seeds. More textural variety and not the usual type of dessert we get elsewhere.

Oh yah, it seems that the outlet at ION Orchard has closed?

Tim Ho Wan
Great World City #01-139, 1 Kim Seng Promenade, Singapore 237994
Tel: +65 6483 2000
Opening Hours: 11.00am – 10.00pm (Mon – Fri), 9am – 10pm (Sat, Sun, PH)

Tim Ho Wan’s Mango Sago 香芒西米露 ($6.00) is a refreshing bowl of familiar sweet chilled dessert of ”Yang Zhi Gan Lu”, of diced ripe mangoes, some fruity pulps of pomelo, and creamy coconutty base.

Islandwide delivery via or GrabFood

Chow Zan Dessert
801 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198769
Opening Hours: 2pm – 10pm (Mon, Wed – Sun), Closed Tues

Chow Zan Dessert is found at North Bridge Road, located near Heng Long Teochew Porridge and opposite Monarchs & Milkweed Gelato.

The humble-looking dessert shop brings about a selection of traditional hot and cold desserts – some with modern twists, ranging from White Chendol ($4.00), Black Sesame Paste ($3.50), and Peach Gum with Milk ($4.50).

For mango lovers, they do have their popular Mango Sticky Rice ($7.90), Mango Sago ($4.50), Mango Pomelo Sago ($5.10), Mango Pomelo Sago with Mango Pop ($5.80).

The mango was fresh-tasting, with some tart-citrus taste coming from the grapefruit, and if you would like something more ‘fun’, then those mango pops that give a burst in the mouth would work.

Lei Garden Restaurant
30 Victoria St, #01-24 Chijmes, Singapore 187996
Tel: +65 6339 3822
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 3:30pm, 6pm – 10:30pm

This restaurant is a Cantonese restaurant located at the historic CHIJMES building, a Singaporean branch of the award-winning Lei Garden from Hong Kong.

Originally opened in 1973 in Hong Kong, the chain has since expanded to many branches worldwide including this one in Singapore.

The Singapore outlet is also awarded a Michelin star for consecutive years.

The Chilled Mango Sweetener with Grapefruit and Sago pioneered by the Singapore branch of Lei Garden is a concentrated dessert delicacy with mango and grapefruit.

This is the usual good Chinese restaurant quality, I guess. But they are the originators, so must have when here.

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