”When you tell foodies about Bukit Panjang, they think about Ke Kou Mian…”

A friend who stayed all his life at Bukit Panjang told me this was the reason why I should visit Hai Xian Zhu Zhou 海鲜煮粥, even though it is like 20+ km away from me.

You see, many people like him grew up eating from this stall.

Do not confused by the name of Hai Xian Zhu Zhou 海鲜煮粥 which may suggest this stall is known for porridge, since ”zhu zhou” literally means “cooking porridge”.

The stall does sell porridge, but is more popular for its Ke Kou Mian – which is actually Koka Noodles. (For those of you who hoarded bought many packets, you can try to replicate this at home.)

Would you travel the way for Koka Noodles?

The stall has a couple of names, including “Bukit Panjang Ke Kou Mian” and “Uncle KKM at 163A Gangsa Rd”.

It opens from 4am (!) till 2:30pm (may end earlier), but do look out for its facebook updates as uncle may take a break as and when, sometimes for a week or more.

The signature dish is the Delicious Koka Noodles ($3.50, $4, $4.50), with variations of dry, spicy, abalone clam and cuttlefish (starting from $4).

There are also variations such as Mee Sua, E-Mee, Mee Hoon Kuey, Bee Hoon, and specially made crispy noodles.

You order, get a buzzer, and wait for say half hour (at least for peak hours).

I can imagine there would be at two perspectives.

Like isn’t this just ordinary instant noodles? Some people may not think this warrants the long wait of 30 minutes, and may leave disappointed.

Objectively speaking, what they got right was the freshness of the minced meat (tender and almost bouncy), and the light tasting broth that departs from what one would associate with instant noodles.

Like you don’t feel thirsty after finishing the whole bowl.

Some loved the springiness of the instant noodles, though I would personally prefer it just a tad harder.

Uncle KKM at 163A Gangsa Rd is offering delivery service, from 11am to 2pm at a flat delivery fee of $6. Noodles are packed separately from the soup.

Online order form here: https://form.jotform.com/201112179596455

However, due to high volume, delivery locations are pre-determined and differs from week to week, and orders are often full very fast.

Can always check and try when as it refreshes every Wednesday at 8pm.

Uncle KKM at 163A Gangsa Rd – 海鲜煮粥 Hai Xian Zhu Zhou
163A Gangsa Road, #01-01, Singapore 671163
Opening hours: 4am – 2.30pm (Fri – Wed), Closed Thurs

233 Yishun Street 21, Singapore 760233
Opening Hours: 6am – 3:30pm (Mon – Tues, Thurs – Sun), Closed Wed

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  1. Yo, u got it wrong.

    Both the Bukit Panjang and Yishun stalls are not exactly related to each other even though they have the same signboard name.
    The one who started this is in Yishun as far back as 1993-94.

    Bukit Panjang’s standard is inferior to that of Yishun. Soup base is either too salty or too diluted, answer can be seen if u observe how they cook. Noodles sometimes undercooked or overcooked.

    U want the real deal, go try out Yishun’s stall and write another review for em.


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