The Goodburger is one of the few food truck concepts found in Singapore, serving up the trending meat-free “Impossible Burgers”.

While its location changes from periodically, it is currently parked outside Coronation Plaza, with a new second ‘outlet’ at River Valley outside Crystal Court.

The operational hours are from 11am to 9pm.

I won’t specially go into the whole debate of “Impossible Burger” itself as there are several point-of-views resolving this plant-based food.

Some would reckon the meat-free creation to be better for the environment, plus it tastes almost like the real thing; while there are others who think that these are highly processed, contain GMO, and not that ‘healthy’ to begin with.

Anyway, zooming in on The Goodburger, I first came across it during Sentosa Grillfest’s.

It was an amazing burger then, so much as that the people who sampled a bite didn’t know it was a not a beef burger until I told them so.

(That is also because The Impossible Burger includes an ingredient from soybeans called leghemoglobin, a protein that gives a blood red colour.)

The Impossible meat focused food truck serves up a number of burgers, such as The Classic ($16), Black Tie which includes truffle aioli ($18), a Thai-inspired One Night in Bangkok ($20), and Happy Days ($20) included with BBQ sauce.

You would realise that price wise, it is not that cheap at all.

Some people would imagine that plants are cheaper (that’s not quite true anymore), and this is not a sit-down restaurant per set.

According, the Impossible patties are just as costly as good Angus beef. (Some of you may wonder then, “What’s the point?”)

To order from The Goodburger, you have to go online to pre-order.

Note that if you make your orders there and then, preparation time will require a minimum 15-30 minutes for weekdays or 30-60 minutes during peak hour weekends. Ordering online first would be a time-serving measure.

Islandwide Delivery is priced at $12. Free delivery for orders above $80. Delivery surcharge of $3 applies on eve of and on public holidays.

Note that there is an additional charge of $1 for “packaging”.

I went for the Black Tie ($18) included with the Impossible patty, truffle aioli and rocket.

In terms of its “truffleness”, there was a good amount of aroma that didn’t go overly pungent.

Because of the richness of the cheese and aioli, if you take a bite, you may not have thought this isn’t beef.

But if you take the time to slowly savour, then there is that juiciness, ‘beefy’ bite and deeper flavour missing.

I wondered about the sweet and slightly greasy buns, and if it could have worked better if it was a soft potato bun.

As for the One Night In Bangkok ($20), I wished that the Thai flavours and aromatics could have been more pronounced.

Perhaps it had been muted so that it won’t over-power the smokiness of the patty.

Missing your “Chicken Nuggets”?

There are plant-based ones ($6) available made from mushroom protein. Didn’t have that juiciness one would expect, but they got it with the level of crispiness. Though not something I would most readily order again.

Other sides such as Onion Rings ($6) and Truffle Fries ($12) are offered.

I have tried Impossible Burgers offered by other restaurants, and The Goodburger is one of the best out there in terms of the richness in flavours and hip factor.

But whether you would rather have a real beef burger, I shall leave it to you to decide.

The Goodburger
Location 1: Currently outside Coronation Plaza, 587 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 269707
Location 2: 456 River Valley Road Crystal Court, Singapore 248342
Opening Hours: 11am – 9pm (Mon – Sun)

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