Espresso Tonic first appeared in the United States about 2016, with the bitter tonic drink making a refreshing combination with espresso.

So much so that it became the must-have summer trip in many cafes.

You can also choose to add a few slices citrusy fruit such as lemon, orange, yuzu and even grapefruit to make a complex drink that is sweet, citrusy and effervescent all at the same time.

This simple drink recipe includes yuzu concentrate.

Yuzu is a tart-like fruit popular in Korea and Japan, and its juice or zest is used to add that tangy, unique sweet-and-sour flavour.

The yuzu concentrate can be bought in Korean supermarkets and certain supermarkets under the Korean food section.

1. Add 2-3 teaspoons of yuzu concentrate to a tall glass.

2. Add some ice cubes (say 6-8 cubes).

3. Pour in around 200ml of tonic water.

4. Add in a shot of espresso (which is about 30ml). You may want a stronger mix with double shot.

5. You may want to further garnish with mint leaves, and enjoy this super refreshing drink on a hot afternoon.

Iced coffee pairs so well with citrus fruits and yuzu gives it a unique bitter-sweet flavour. You can also replace with other citron-jam or fruits & zest. Enjoy!


* By DFD’s Café Correspondent @__sy_g. Songyu is a food and travel blogger whose hobby is uncovering hidden hipster cafes and creating #SongHomeCafe drinks.


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