After binge-watching on Korean dramas such as “Itaewon Class”, “Hospital Playlist” and “The King: Eternal Monarch”, you could be craving for a Korean feast right at home.

Good news. Seorae Korean Charcoal BBQ is offering islandwide delivery via: so that you can have your favourite Korean food delivered to your doorstep.

While delivery fee depends on where you stay, there is FREE Delivery with minimum spending on $100.

If you are nearby and prefer to get takeaways, there is also a 20% OFF selected pick up orders with Promo Code “PICKUP20”.

Mother’s Day Set ($68, good for 3-4 pax)
If you are thinking of having the Mother’s Day Set, this is quite value-for-money as it is good for 3-4 to share.

It includes a tantalising spread of barbecued meats of Galmaegisal (original, spicy or garlic), Korean Pancake (Haemul Jeon or Kimchi Pajeon), Sundubu Jjigae, Kkochi Platter (mixed, beef or pork), Steamed Rice (x4) and FREE Korean sides.

While many others use electric-grill plates for their meats, Seorae preserves the original taste of Korean BBQ with the use of quality charcoal for the grilling.

Galmaegisal, US Pork Skirt 170g ($25.90)
There are many types of meats used for Korean BBQ, but one type stands out from the rest: Galmaegisal.

Galmaegisal is a premium meat cut found between the ribs and the belly of the pig, an extension of the sirloin.

In meat parlance, it is known as a pork skirt or skirt meat, or the “wagyu of pork”. You get the idea. It has that perfect lean meat to fat ratio, making it a superiorly tender and juicy meat for grilling.

Weighing only 250g in every full-grown pig, it is once said this special and rare meat cut is reserved only for the Korean royalty of the past.

Seorae is one of the first Korean restaurants in Singapore that offer the signature Korean galmaegisal. The meats are carefully marinated and massaged to elevate the prized meat’s texture and taste.

While it may not taste the same as when you freshly barbecue it there and then, you can still taste the richness in flavour and characteristics of Wagyu from this Korean Galmaegisal.

Available in original, spicy and garlic flavours.

Seorae Samgyeobsal, Premium Pork Belly 150g ($17.90)
Seorae Samgyeobsal is a specially-cut premium pork belly that is a popular cut with Korean BBQ restaurants.

The three-layered meat had an almost perfect fat-to-meat ratio, firm-but-tender.

You can also wrap the meat a cool lettuce, dipped with a touch of specially made sweetish Gochujang sauce.

Kkochi Platter, Charcoal-grilled skewers ($19.90)
This platter features charcoal-grilled skewered meats, shiitake mushroom, spicy meat-wrapped enoki mushrooms and more.

What I liked was the samgyeobsal (premium pork belly) with enoki mushrooms wrapped within so you can try the contrast in textures in one mouthful.

Executive Bentos ($13.90 – $16.90)
If you are looking for something suitable and filling for the individual, go for the Executive Bento Sets which comes with a choice of meat, seaweed rice or kimchi fried rice, and accompanied with a spread of kimchi mandu, kimari, sides and black sesame salad.

Choose from Beef Belly, Soy Chicken, Kimchi Pork Collar, Bulgogi Pork Collar, Spicy Chicken and Premium US Pork Jowl.

Bibimbap – Pork or Beef ($12.90)
Bibimbap literally means “mixed rice” combining bibim (mixed) and bap (rice).

The ingredients come together beautifully in the bowl, which you can then mix up after pouring in the special Korean sauce.

Hameul Pajeon ($17.90)
Traditional Korean Pancake with fresh spring onions and seafood. Pajeon is a traditional Korean pancake dish that is made from a batter of wheat flour, rice flour, eggs, and scallions/fresh spring onions.

Aside from the scallion being its prominent ingredient (the “pa” in panjeon means scallion, “jeon” means pan-fried battered food), this version (Hameul Pajeon) has seafood in it, such as prawns and squid.

You can also choose the spicier Kimchi Jeon with slices of pork belly and kimchi within.

Sundubu Jjigae, Spicy Tofu Stew with Clams and Minced Pork ($14.90)
Upon delivery, you get the stew served at the bottom of the container, with rice on top.

The silken tofu is accompanied with other ingredients like clams and minced pork, plus some enoki mushrooms and an egg yolk to make it hearty and flavourful.

Kimchi Mandu or Fried Kimari ($5.90)
If you are craving for some Korean sides, go for the Korean Fried Dumplings, or Korean Glass Noodles Spring Rolls.

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Islandwide Delivery:

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