#notsponsoredby Lotus Biscoff but these cookies known for its surprising crunch, unique flavour and distinctive caramelised taste have been a favourite of many.

Lotus Biscoff was created in 1932 by a Belgian baker named Jan Boone Sr., a caramelized cookie with nothing but natural ingredients. The cookie was named “lotus” after the flower that symbolises purity.

You may find several coffee places actually serving their coffee with a piece of this cookie.

Now, how about putting the two together for a cup of Lotus Biscoff Latte?

1. Take out 1-2 tablespoons of Lotus Biscoff Spread and place in a bowl.

2. Place the bowl in a hot water bath to allow spread to melt.

3. Pour the spread into a cup.

4. Add ice cubes (say 6-7 cubes?).

5. Pour in 150ml of milk, followed by one shot of espresso. A single shot of espresso is generally about 30ml. However, the milk to coffee ratio can be adjusted according to personal preference.

6. Top off with some milk foam (or whipped cream), a lotus biscuit and rosemary (optional).

You can vary your drink by adding some ground cinnamon or cinnamon powder. Enjoy!

Okay, perhaps some of you have not seen the Biscoff Cookie Butter Spread that frequently.

This is a pretty-tasty spreadable treat made from Lotus Biscoff cookies, which are available in some supermarkets such as Cold Storage. It cost $6.90 for a 400g bottle (price from Cold Storage online).

A pack of Lotus Biscoff Biscuit – Original Caramalised is about $6.75.

Lotus Biscoff

* By DFD’s Café Correspondent @__sy_g. Songyu is a food and travel blogger whose hobby is uncovering hidden hipster cafes and creating #SongHomeCafe drinks.


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