And suddenly, all these bubble tea deliveries start popping up again.

For the period of the extended “Circuit Breaker”, all standalone bubble tea outlets that sell only beverages are required to close their outlets.


However, they are some bubble tea brands with existing shops within food courts which are still allowed to sell, such as Tiger Sugar at Suntec City’s Pasar Bella and R&B 巡茶 at Thomson Plaza’s Koufu.

As for some of the rest, they started some form of partnership with food establishments, for example KOI with Grain, CHICHA San Chen 吃茶三千 with Yu Kee Duck Rice and Milksha with Yum Cha.

Some of these food tie-ups don’t seem to gel well and more out of convenience, from the point of view of a consumer. Anyway…

Xing Fu Tang is collaborating with The Fish Hut for islandwide delivery.

You can order XFT’s Brown Sugar Boba Milk Tea ($5.90) and Brown Sugar Boba Oolong Milk Tea ($5.90) through the website

Only these two drinks are available.

Xing Fu Tang is best known for its “stir-fried” Brown Sugar Boba Milk, with the pearls done the ‘traditional way’.

What is special is that the boba pearls are steeped in brown sugar, ‘stir-fried’, and scooped quickly into the cup.

Do note that XFT drinks have to be purchased together with a food item from The Fish Hut.

Their food items include Fried Beehoon, Chicken Nuggets, Fish Bites and Vegetable Dumplings (well… nothing too exciting).

Each set is from $10 to $15.50, while there are other ala carte items such as Fried Beehoon ($4.80), Fish Bites ($4.80), Chicken Nuggets ($4.80) and Fish Cake ($1).

Delivery cost varies from $4 – $10 depending on the distance.

Orders will be dispatched from the outlet at Novena (Square 2). The actual delivery charge will be shown after customers enter their delivery address.

The cut off time for ordering is at 2pm, while delivery will be made on the same day between 5 – 6pm. Payment via Grabpay only.

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