Standalone bubble tea shops in Singapore are not allowed to sell during the period of the extended “Circuit Breaker”.

It seems that many bubble tea chains are getting around it by forming partnership with food companies.

For fans of KOI, they are working with Grain which is an online restaurant that offers meals on demand such as Grilled Farm Fresh Chicken or Caramelised Beef Char Siew.

Apparently, Grain has built a bubble tea machine in their kitchen the last week.

KOI will be available on the Grain website and app every day from 11am – 9pm — in the East (from Apr 28), and the West (from May 5).

If customers don’t see KOI on the menu, it means they are not in the KOI delivery area.

As seen from the map above, there is a delivery fee of $4 for the East Zone, and $12 Extended Zone Surcharge.

Customers can also order KOI on the Grain restaurant on GrabFood (islandwide) from Apr 28 onwards, supposedly. (Nope, I tried, KOI drinks no where to be found on Grain’s menu on GrabFood app. Anyway…)

Perhaps not all is well even at the start, as Grain’s website have crashed even before the product has launched.

If you see a “sold out” on the menu, that is because Grain release a number of stocks for each day before the day starts.

They generally restock at 11am and every hour after (up to till 8pm) depending on demand.

On another note, Grain’s Halal license has recently expired on Feb 29 and a new license is currently being processed by MUIS. However, they would like to assure customers that the ingredients and processes that go into Grain meals and drinks including KOI still adhere to strict Halal guidelines.

IF you do get through and manage to order some bubble tea, take note that customers are recommended to include food orders.

Otherwise there is a “Bubble Tea surchage” of $2.00 – they call it “Taxes to pay” if you order only bubble tea and below 4 cups.


Give them time to settle first.

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