Commonwealth Crescent Food Centre is considered one of the more under-the-radar hawker centres as it is located in the middle of an older estate in the middle of Queenstown and Commonwealth.

However, there are still many food gems to be discovered, and most priced inexpensively.

A thing to note is that many of the stalls close rather early, and you may find a couple packing up right after lunch hours.

While during the “Circuit Breaker” period, I wouldn’t recommend you making a trip all the way there if you do not stay in the vicinity, you can always bookmark this food centre to visit in the future.

For those living nearby, some of the stalls can be found on the delivery platforms for comforting hawker food to be sent to your doorstep.

31 Commonwealth Crescent, #02-93 Market & Food Centre, Singapore 149644
Tel: +65 9818 8014
Opening Hours: 11am – 5pm or sold out (Wed – Sun), Closed Mon, Tues

Scrumptious burgers with meaty patties
Hammee’s had a very humble beginning when they initially started out with just two burgers on the menu – Classic Beef Cheeseburger and Fried Chicken Burger in original and spicy versions.

However, with time they flourished and evolved to set a solid foundation and attract a loyal customer base. So be prepared for a long wait. I waited for about an hour during off-peak. Just so you know.

This also gave them the chance to expand their menu, giving you the juiciest variety of delicious American cuisines.

It would be a crime to not try their classic Premium Beef Cheeseburger ($6 for single, $8 for double) when visiting the stall.

So, what’s new about their Classic Burger v 2.0?

Their beef patties have been upgraded after partnership with Huber’s butchery for beef supply – never frozen, freshly hand formed, and contains no growth hormones.

I loved how stuffed it was for the given price, with generous amounts of American cheese, mouthwatering caramelized onions and a lip-smacking homemade sauce amongst other ingredients to compliment the juicy beef patty. Accompanied with fries.

To avoid waiting too long for pick-ups, you can call them at Tel: +65 9818 8014 (preferably after 12pm after they serve walk-in customers).

(Note: Hammee’s has stopped selling Burgers temporary and has converted to offering Nasi Ayam Goreng instead.)

牛车水阿婆卤鸭 Braised Duck Rice
31 Commonwealth Crescent, #02-95 Market & Food Centre, Singapore 149644
Opening Hours: 10am till sold out (Thurs – Tues), Closed Wed

Succulent braised duck rice with the best zhup
One thing that greatly effects the overall taste and appeal of a braised duck rice is its zhup or sauce.

This stall excels in this basic ingredient, striking a remarkable balance of flavours and leaving you wanting for more.

There is almost always a long queue at the stall and they run out quite fast, so make sure you get there early.

The regular portion of Braised Duck Rice ($4) is affordable and they only use fresh ducks, with a generous portion size that’s quite filling and satiating.

This one had a rather watery sauce which worked well, as it completely coated all the rice grains, making it juicier and delivering a punch of flavors with every spoonful.

Jian Kang Noodles
31 Commonwealth Crescent, #02-77 Market & Food Centre, Singapore 149644
Opening Hours: 7am – 1:30pm (Thurs – Tues), Closed Wed

Wanton Noodles prepared with super springy noodles
Wanton noodles are a crowd pleaser. They are a common item at most hawker centres, but there are actually a few stalls selling Wanton Mee in this food centre.

This stall is quite apt at this local delight, and their humble dish sells like hot cakes throughout their opening hours. However, due to the skillful service, you won’t have to wait too long for your order

They serve up Wanton Noodles, Dumpling Noodles and Pork Rib Noodles priced from $3.50 to $5.50. You can also order dumpling or wanton soup at $3.50).

Seriously, their noodles turned out to be quite a surprise as I wasn’t initially expecting this. It was springy with al dente bite, deliciously tossed in a savoury sauce. In fact, I thought it was compared to those served in those Cantonese restaurants in Singapore.

I only thought that the char siew was slightly dry and tough, though the wantons were silky enough.

[Closed] A Wonder Bowl
31 Commonwealth Crescent, #02-97 Market & Food Centre, Singapore 149644
Tel: +65 8318 3210
Opening Hours: 9am – 3pm (Mon – Fri), Closed Sat, Sun

Lu Rou Fan and Minced Pork Ramen, anyone?
A wonder bowl is a hip and cool stall that was initially started with young hawkers. Their dishes are inventive and ambitious, experimenting with different flavor combinations that you won’t commonly find in other hawker stalls in Singapore.

This also creates a certain hype and allure that’s unparalleled in this food centre found in an older estate.

Items you can expect include Lu Rou Fan aka Braised Meat Rice ($4, $5), Salted Egg Fried Rice ($3.50), Teriyaki Chicken Rice ($3), Moo Ping Skewer Rice Bowl ($4.50), and Minced Pork Ramen ($3.50).

Their Braised Meat Rice ($4) is not quite like the Taiwanese style, but with larger pieces of tender pork belly on fluffy rice, drenched in a dark sauce with half an egg.

Huang Da Fu
31 Commonwealth Cres, #02-94 Market & Food Centre, Singapore 149644
Tel: +65 9800 1343
Opening Hours: 4am – 3am (Mon – Sun)

Wait, Bak Chor Mee Till 3am?
Besides being famous for its traditional preparation flavors, the dish is also popular for its affordability at this stall.

The stall is run by a young and energetic couple who know what they are doing quite well, and the service is impeccable and friendly.

Another thing to note is that it is opened from 4am to 3am, and food delivery is available on foodpanda, Grabfood and Deliveroo.

The serving of Bak Chor Mee starts at $3 only (there are only $4 and $5 version).

The $3 bowl contains quite a generous portion of ingredients. It was quite filling and topped with a lot of ingredients to enhance the flavors.

The thing that stood out for me was the juicy pork slices that was added to the dish in a large heap, along with thick and tender liver slices and also some minced pork.

While it may be the best around, this is certainly above the average BCM.

Hong Kee Porridge
31 Commonwealth Crescent, #02-89 Market & Food Centre, Singapore 149644
Tel: +65 9067 5755
Opening Hours: 6am – 2:30pm (Mon – Sun)

Comforting bowl of piping hot porridge
This stall is quite famous for serving the ultimate comfort food, a good old bowl of hearty and delicious porridge.

You can choose from Pork, Fish or Fish Head Porridge, starting from $3.

The recipe has been passed down since 4 decades to bring you old-school flavors that we all loved and found comfort in growing up. With an affordable price and a generous serving size, you can’t go wrong with this dish.

The porridge itself, unlike many other stalls serving the dish, wasn’t bland at all. You may find the consistency to be slightly wetter compared to the usual thick and creamy ones, perhaps to cater to the elderly customers who are regulars.

The bowl didn’t have a typical porky or fishy smell, rather earthy and delicious taste.

Liang Liang Fried Carrot Cake
31 Commonwealth Crescent, #02-69 Market & Food Centre, Singapore 149644
Opening Hours: 9am – 1pm (Wed – Sun), Closed Mon, Tues

Fried carrot cake for a midday snack or hearty breakfast
Sometimes you just crave for the dishes that are familiar and remind you of the same flavors and taste that you grew up with.

For such comforting and wholesome fixes, I highly recommend this stall for a tasty serving of fried carrot cake in all its rich goodness. They are also known for their Oyster Omelette ($5, $8) and Fried Oysters ($3, $5).

Get the Black Carrot Cake ($3) which has that old-school touch and good wok hei. You can also request for less oil here.

One thing I noted was that the carrot cake cubes were rather soft, with strong garlicky and chai poh flavours.

Seng Kee Chicken Rice
31 Commonwealth Crescent, #02-78 Market & Food Centre, Singapore 149644

Hearty and wholesome Chicken Rice
If you are looking for chicken rice here, the famous stalls are Henry’s Chicken Rice and Seng Kee Chicken Rice.

Seng Kee also serves up other items such as Roasted Duck Rice ($3), Char Siew Rice ($2.50), and Chicken Laksa ($3). All very affordable.

The other well-received Chicken Rice stall here is Henry’s Chicken Rice.

Xi Le Ting
31 Commonwealth Crescent, #02-70 Market & Food Centre, Singapore 149644
Opening Hours: 12pm – 6pm or sold out (Thurs – Sun), Closed Mon – Wed

Local Chinese desserts for $1!
Old-school desserts that have recipes that are being perfected since half a century.

You would spot an auntie behind the stall scooping endlessly, but do not expect her to smile much.

There are four options at the stall, namely the famous Cheng Tng ($1), Green Bean Soup ($1), Red Bean Soup ($1) and Sweet Wheat Porridge ($1). Takeaways are priced at $1.20.

All of the desserts are served steaming hot to warm you up from inside. Her Sweet Wheat Porridge and Green Bean Soup are the ones that would get sold out early, like by 1pm?

Love that this is very nostalgic-tasting yet not too sweet.

As desserts are a basic requirement to complete any meal, I would highly suggest you to stop by this stall on your way out. You definitely won’t regret it.

ASiP Fresh Cold Press Juice
31 Commonwealth Crescent, #02-85 Market & Food Centre, Singapore 149644
Opening Hours: 11am – 9pm (Mon – Sun)

Variety of refreshing and healthy juices for a boost of vitamins
Can I say this is going to be my favourite fruit juice stall soon, as the couple are so friendly and make good recommendations.

No matter how stuffed you are, perhaps you want to make some room for these refreshing cold-pressed juices. They are also quite healthy and have a nice punch of nutrients and vitamins to revitalize you.

They serve up more pulpy fruit juices which include Guava ($2.50), Rock-Melon ($3), Dragon Fruit ($2.5), Soupsoup ($3) to Avocado Smoothie ($3).

There are also other interesting cold-pressed juices such as Apple Bitter Gourd ($2.50), Apple Lemon ($2.30) to ABC – apple, beet, carrot ($2.50). Refreshing.

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