Once in a while, you can across worthy under-the-radar shops and feel that they should be known to the wider public.

Yatkayan Dessert 一家人 is one of them, and perhaps ‘suffer’ due to its located at a hidden corner at Fortune Centre Level 2, and the COVID-19 situation.


Fortune Centre is not considered a hip place, and the office-cum-retail building houses quite a number of eclectic mix of shops and vegetarian restaurants under one roof.

The location is quite central though, a short walk from Bugis Plus.

The name “Yatkayan” means “one family”, and you may just spot members of the Tang family serving and behind the kitchen.

It serves up a spread of local desserts, that may remind others of the likes of Ah Chew Desserts 阿秋甜品, Chow Zan Dessert, and Jin Yu Man Tang Dessert Shop.

Signature desserts there include Walnut Paste ($4.00), Black Sesame Paste ($3.50), Almond Cream ($3.50), Steamed Egg ($3.20), Almond & Barley Beancurd ($3.50), Black Sesame & Almond ($3.50), Chendol ($3.20), and Fresh Mango with Ice Cream ($5.00).

There are also some savoury snacks such as Yam Cake ($3.50), Glutinous Rice ($3.80), Chee Cheong Fun with Cai Po ($3.20). The homely stuff.

However, do note that not all items are available at any one time, and I often met with situations in which the more popular desserts are “sold out”.

You don’t often find very good Walnut Paste in Singapore, due to it requiring loads of effort and skills to create a smooth consistency.

I ordered the Walnut & Black Sesame ($4.00) and was pleasantly surprised at how close it tasted to the top-notch shops in Hong Kong.

The creamy consistency which is neither too rich nor thin; not being too sweet; and the warmth of it all.

All their warm dessert pastes such as the walnut, sesame and almond are hand-grind and squeezed freshly daily.


They do not take short cut in their desserts, for example no mixing of pre-mix powder or pastes, or artificial flavouring like essences to their desserts.

Their Cheng Tng ($3.20) is also packed with 8 different types of ingredients such as white fungus, dried longans, barley and “handmade meepok jelly”, cooked with a special type of sugar such that it does not taste that sweet.

I must have had quite a number of ”the best” Chendol in Singapore, and Yatkayan’s version should certainly come in Top 3.

Likewise, all individual the ingredients in the Chendol ($3.20) are tediously prepared from scratch.

The coconut is squeezed daily, red bean cooked by themselves, and gula melaka hand-picked.

You don’t often find Chendol with coconut flavour which is so ’xiang’ (or fragrant), and the blend with the smooth ice and soft ingredients make this a satisfying bowl.


Yatkayan Dessert 一家人
Fortune Centre #02-08 190 Middle Road Singapore 188979
Tel: +65 9631 2359
Opening Hours: 1:30pm – 10pm (Mon, Wed, Thurs), 1:30pm – 11pm (Fri – Sun), Closed Tues

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