During these challenging times, it is in my heart to continue to help out these humble cafes and owners who found themselves in a pretty-tough situation.

Especially the hidden finds.

While The Food Peeps Coffee & Deli is considered rather central, its location within the Maxwell House is not obvious and may attract little foot-traffic.

It is actually just opposite the famous Maxwell Food Centre.

The Food Peeps is opened by 3 friends – a chef, barista and marketer, who decided to ‘join forces’ and capitalise on past experiences.

As to why this particular location, the cafe space was a takeover from a previous F&B establishment.

The owners wanted a small space where they can use to experiment can churn out items for catering and delivery, almost like a central kitchen.

Also, there is lush greenery just outside, centrally located yet secluded from the hustling and bustling from the main road, for everyone to escape briefly in this part of the CBD.

Some of the items on the menu include Ranch Chicken & Avo Sandwich ($14), Mushroom Melt Sourdough ($14), Spicy Clam Linguine ($14), Rendang Pasta ($15), Chicken Pesto ($14), and Carbonara ($15).

If sweets are your thing, there is a display of homemade desserts like Buttercake ($2.50), Chocolate Crepe ($5.50) Chocolate Chip Cakes ($1.50); and Peanut Butter Jelly Blueberry Waffles ($11) and Pancakes ($13).

Prices are considered reasonable.

The Rendang on Toast ($12) comes recommended, with beef rendang, poached egg, yogurt served on sourdough.

(And oh, the poached egg already came cut. Haha. Let me as the customer do the ‘honours’ next time.)

The Food Peeps

I am sometimes sceptical about Asian-take on sandwiches, but this rendang sauce which is apparently a recipe from an aunty from Medan Indonesian, comes across flavourful and rich enough.

In fact, I liked that they were not stingy with the portion of meat, which made it a satisfyingly-hearty brunch item with its spicy and savoury flavours.

I was also recommended the Spicy Garlic Prawn Burger ($15) with avocado, roasted garlic cream cheese, lettuce in brioche bun (Is this a Burnt Ends bun?)

The Food Peeps

The bun was lightly crisp and fluffy, and the components were refreshing and gelled well together.

Though I had trouble deciding how to eat this properly without the prawns falling all apart. In the end, I used fork and knife.

Customers can still takeout or pick-up items from the café (calling prior would be recommended).

WhatsApp for order details +65 8368 2542 and menu available at www.thefoodpeeps.com.

The Food Peeps

The Food Peeps Coffee & Deli
20 Maxwell Road, Maxwell House #01-11 Singapore 069113
Tel: +65 6970 8035
Opening Hours: 8am – 5pm (Mon – Tues, Thurs – Sun), Closed Wed

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