1-for-1 Haidilao set lunch, CHICHA San Chen Tea with Mousse, 4FINGERS Wingettes & Drumettes Combo and more.

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Haidilao Hot Pot
#01-19 to 25
Tel: +65 6592 0555

Haidilao Hot Pot Restaurant is probably Singapore’s most popular hotpot restaurant, which combines traditional Chinese Hot Pot with the convenience of modern day food trends.

You may not know that Hadilao at Marina Square is actually an AI-powered “smart restaurant” in Singapore at Marina Square – its first outside of China.

Diners can expect an immersive experience from the hall to the private rooms that are powered with light and sound projections.

If you love their Tomato and Mala soups, the smart technology includes a machine that customises soup bases and caters to customers’ diverse range of taste and specifications “with machine-like precision”.

You can choose the thickness, saltiness, sourness, and sweetness of the two soup bases.

Marina Square App Food Deal: 1-for-1 Lunch Set (U.P $18.80)
The 1-for-1 Lunch set (U.P $18.80) includes 1 selected meat and 1 veggie platter and egg – a pretty good deal (soups cost separately).

For the meats, choose from Sliced Pork Belly, Black Pork, US Sliced Beef Short Plate, Aussie Sliced Lamb Shoulder, Sliced Fish, and Seafood Platter.

Balance it off with a platter of assorted veggies, including fresh greens, carrots, corn-on-a cob, and enoki mushrooms.

Dian Xiao Er
Tel: +65 6337 1928

Named after the traditional way of calling waiter “Xiao Er” in a teahouse, Dian Xiao Er is a Chinese cuisine specialty restaurant popular for its Herbal Roast Duck.

Roasting is done daily so you are guaranteed to taste a duck with tender, succulent meat topped with crisp golden brown skin.

Marina Square App Food Deal: 1-for-1 Herbal Roast Duck Meat Rice (U.P $8.90)
Find out what makes this roast duck special at a special price – get 1-for-1 Herbal Roast Duck Meat Rice for only $8.90.

At Dian Xiao Er, only the finest natural-bred Cherry Valley ducks are used, marinating them in special herbs and spices for hours before roasting at optimal temperature.

Savour the flavourful meat as you complement it with a specially concocted herbal sauce, and some fluffy steamed rice.

Rong Hua Bak Kut Teh
Tel: +65 6469 3536

Experience local delicacy at Rong Hua Bak Kut Teh, a place to savour the flavours of traditional Teochew heritage.

Founded in the 1920s by Chinese immigrant Mr Chua Ah Hua, the humble food stall grown in size and perfection of its signature dish and other comforting dishes.

Marina Square App Food Deal: 1-for-1 Signature Pork Soup (U.P $7.90)
Double the comfort when you order their 1-for-1 Signature Pork Soup (U.P. $7.90), a specialty Chinese soup made with tender meaty pork spare ribs.

The complex taste of broth comes from simmering the pork bones in authentic herbs and spices. If you love your BKT peppery, then this is for you.

Enjoy this soup with chilli slices and dark soy sauce.

Ya Kun Kaya Toast

Since its foundation in 1944 by Loi Ah Koon, Ya Kun has been serving perfectly crisp and delectable kaya toasts and soft-boiled eggs to the Singaporean community.

Marina Square App Food Deal: 1-for-1 Breakfast Set A (U.P $4.80)
Begin your day with Ya Kun’s signature Kaya Toast, soft-boiled egg and a kopi or teh.

Slathered with its home-made kaya – the signature fragrant spread made of egg and coconut – the toasty brown bread slices carry two thick slices of lightly-salted butter.

Its kopi and teh are magnets for the office people who want aromatic traditional local drinks.


Taiwanese brand CHICHA San Chen (吃茶三千) offers high-quality tea naturally grown from tea farms, combining traditional tea with handcrafted bubble tea drinks.

Brewed-to-order one cup at a time, their teas are a product of over 20 years of experience.

Marina Square App Food Deal: 1-for-1 Tea with Mousse (U.P $4.20)
Choose from one of the five types of CHICHA San Chen signature Tea with Mousse. You can taste the premium-ness in their tea, served with a luscious cream on top and presented in a trendy, sustainable fashion.

Kei Kaisendon
Tel: +65 6252 8311

Kei Kaisendon specialises in one-bowl seafood donburi or rice bowls topped with imported Japan-sourced fresh sashimi.

Each bowl sports a unique taste by combining the right mix of fish, toppings, and seasoning. Chirashi Kaisendon, Aburi Mentaiko Kaisen Don, Unagi Kaisen Don, Salmon Kaisen Don, Tamago with Chicken Don, Tamago Mentaiyaki Don, and Salmon Mentaiko Don are recommended.

Marina Square App Food Deal: 1-for-1 Salmon Mentaiko Don ($13.90)
Treat your friend for lunch with the 1-for-1 Food Deal, and share two bowls of Salmon Mentaiko Don for only $13.90.

Savour their signature Kaisendon topped with lightly seared salmon, homemade tamago mentai, nori, and onsen egg.

Perk up the flavours with either the Kei or Yuzu Wasabi Sauce.

Burger King
Tel: +65 6253 6747

Halal-certified Burger King is known for its flame-grilled 100% beef patties made with no fillers or preservatives.

Serving specialty burgers, salads, sides, and sweets, Burger King is synonymous with its signature Whopper and Mushroom Swiss Burger.

Marina Square App Food Deal: 1-for-1 Whopper (ala carte) (U.P $6.40)
Burger lovers are in for a treat as it offers its signature Whopper 1-for-1 for $6.40.

Satisfy that craving with a juicy and meaty beef patty on a warm, toasted 5” sesame seed bun. Topped with fresh tomatoes, onions, crisp lettuce, pickles, the beef patty is finished off with ketchup and creamy mayo giving it that distinct BK taste.

4FINGERS Crispy Chicken
Tel: +65 6265 4274

What makes 4FINGERS popular is its use of fresh local chicken, natural herbs and spice, and none of the artificial flavourings or additives.

At the core of its menu are crispy chicken wings and drumettes prepped only upon order.

Marina Square App Food Deal: 1-for-1 6-pc Wingettes & Drumettes Combo (U.P $10.95)
Get your taste buds happy with the 1-for-1 Wingettes & Drumettes 6-piece Combo for $10.95, served with fries and drink.

Fresh chicken is cooked to render out the fat to create a crackly skin, then hand-brushed with a house-made sauce to coat the skin for maximum flavour.

Choose from the well-loved Soy Garlic or Hot & Spicy flavours.


Suki-Ya prides itself as the “House of Hot Pot”, designed to offer all-you-can-eat Sukiyaki and Shabu Shabu at affordable pricing.

What I like about Suki-Ya is that there is a healthy salad bar to pick your greens and other ingredients such as assorted meat, mushrooms balls and a variety of noodles; paper thin slices of chilled beef, pork and farmed chicken sent right to your table upon ordering.

Marina Square App App Food Deal: 1-for-1 Dinner Buffet (U.P $24.90)
For soup bases, I would suggest getting the rich, cloudy soy based Tonyu Miso, or deep-flavoured Black Garlic Soup.

Tel: +65 6255 5850

Redpan at Marina Square (Level 2 above Hai Di Lao) brands itself as “local fun dining”. This is a unique collaboration, between home-grown architecture practice DP Architects and The Food Explorer Group behind Cookyn Inc and Grub.

Look forward to interesting dishes with a twist such as Prawn & Hae Bi Hiam Pasta, “Satay Bee Hoon Pasta”, Steak & Chinchalok, Hainanese Pork Cutlet, and Char Siew Chilli Fries.

Marina Square App Food Deal: 1-for-1 Truffle Floss Fries (U.P $8)
The fries came drizzled with sweet mayonnaise and was coated with lots of chicken floss. Truffle fries fans will also be pleased to know that this dish comes with truffle aioli.

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