Having cravings for soupy Ban Mian or
dry Ban Mian?

Located at Whampoa Food Centre, China Whampoa Home Made Noodles came up most highly recommended among many DFD’s readers.

The wait is said to be long, but fortunately you do not have to wait in line under the mad-heat as a buzzer would be provided (My recommendation would be to get a Sour Plum & Orange Peel drink from Bee Guan Coffee Stall nearby to cool down, and the uncle is usually super friendly.)

The wait wasn’t longer than 20 minutes when I visited them early afternoon, and they were quite efficient in getting orders out.

Founded in 1989 by owner Ah Bee, aged 48, and his 42-year-old wife Ah Chiam, China Whampoa Home Made Noodles is easily one of Singapore’s most popular ban mian stall.

Other than its original outlet at Whampoa Makan Place, it has also opened at Geylang Lor 12 (Nam Wah Coffeeshop) which is operating 24/7 (Ban Mian for supper!), 711 AMK Central S-11 (beside Jubilee), and 929 Tampines.

However, I am not sure if standards are consistent in the other outlets.

The best-selling dishes at the Whampoa Food Centre stall include Dry Jumbo Prawn Mee Hoon Kway ($13), Dry Abalone Clams Home Made You Mee ($5) and Dry Sliced Fish Home Made Ban Mee ($6).

The signature bowl is the Home-Made Noodles with Prawns ($4, $5), but if you are lazy to pluck off the shells, there are choices of abalone clams, sliced fish, fish maw, and pig’s kidneys.

The hawkers make their noodles within the stall in little batches, with a range of delicious ingredients like fish slices, clams, abalone or prawns.

It is then added to the light and clear broth with mani cai to give it a tangible sweetness.

The stock here is cooked with low fire, using dried ikan bilis and soybeans instead of pork bones that would otherwise make the soup too oily.

I tried the Abalone Clams Hand Made You Mian ($4) and enjoyed how “qing” (light and sweet) the soup base was.

Egg lovers may be disappointed as it came without it, but I reckon that is about the style so that you can appreciate the soup better.

As for the Dry Sliced Fish Home Made Ban Mee ($6), a bowl would come with ingredients of noodles, mushrooms, fried ikan bilis, homemade meatballs, mani cai tossed in a special black sauce and sesame oil blend.

Fans love the minced meatballs which are marinated in a special house recipe, and hold their round shape well even when cooked in soup.

The real draw to me are the different types of chilli, other than the usual red chilli, the green chilli (love this), garlic chilli and pineapple chilli brings in a different dimension of spiciness.

China Whampoa Home Made Noodles
Blk #01-24, 91 Whampoa Dr, Singapore 320091
Tel: +65 9625 6692
Opening Hours: 8am – 2pm (Tues – Sun), Closed Mon

New outlets at:
258 Geylang Lorong 12, Singapore 389314. Opening Hours: 24/7
711 AMK Central S-11 (beside Jubilee). Opening Hours: 11am – 8pm
929 Tampines. Opening Hours: 11am – 8pm

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