When you walk past the watering holes along Robertson Quay, you would notice this trendy Chinese restaurant with cool interiors, creative menu, and the Chinese word 樂 at the top of the entrance.

This means “happiness”.

Lè Fusion is a modern Chinese cuisine restaurant and bar in the hip Mohamed Sultan area, located near the iconic Singapore River.

Lè Fusion

Established by a food-travel-loving couple, Lè Fusion was inspired by their travels around the world, fusing all of their faves under one roof.

Husband loves Chinese food while wife adores Western food – the result: a mix of the two. I would say be open to trying some new things and innovations over there.

The concept is anchored on their joy (as 樂 ‘le’ also means ‘joy’ in Chinese) in creating recipes, curating ingredients, and providing an exquisite dining experience.

If you are curious for more, here are some of the highly recommended items in the Lè Fusion menu:

Whole Lobster Golden Salted Egg Yolk Rice ($23 for month of August 2020, U.P $46)
If you are a fan of salted egg yolk rice, this is an upgraded version with a centrepiece of deep-fried whole sea lobster (about 300gm) perched atop warm fluffy Japanese pearl rice.

You are getting an entire piece of the lobster with chunky meat, which is certainly value for its money.

The lobster and rice is poured over with rich golden salted egg sauce, which has that smooth and creamy texture (not the curried type).

The dish is also sprinkled with strips of smoked duck breast and ikura for that added touch of savouriness.

Rougie Foie Gras Tobiko Fried Rice ($17 for month of August 2020, U.P $34)
A surprisingly combination of fried rice with rich and creamy Rougie foie gras (Rougie is one of France’s premier foie gras producers, and uses the Moulard breed of duck for their foie gras, a mixed cross between the Peking and Muscovy ducks.)

The fried rice with wok-hei is further included with tobiko and ikura for those golden hues and cured-roe flavours.

Crispy Pork Belly Mantou 烧肉馒头 ($12 per portion of 2)
Looking for tapas to nibble? Try this mini ‘sandwich’ made of soft mantou wedged with slow-roasted pork belly.

Yes, similar to the Taiwanese gua bao or Chinese kong bak bao, this contains crisp crackling skin and tender meat instead – inspired by Lechón aka suckling pig from The Philippines.

The pork belly is slow-roasted for a number of hours, resulting in a skin with a crunch, which contrasts beautifully with the fluffy bun.

The mayo-based dressing is mixed with in-house pickled veggies and crushed peanuts. One of my personal favourites from Lè Fusion.

Lè Fusion

Imperial Double Boiled Soup 御炖上汤配上等女儿红 ($28 per portion)
An oriental soup tureen carries this luxe rendition of the traditional ‘Buddha Jumps Over the Wall’.

Double-boiled overnight to extract flavours and nutrients, this soup contains abalone, scallops, dried oysters, wolfberries, and other Chinese herbs.

I would say savour a few tablespoons first to appreciate the original taste, then pour in the accompanying nu er hong (Chinese rice wine).

The wine adds in a stronger, but sweet flavour.

Rougie Foie Gras 干煎鹅肝 ($25 per portion)
This luxe appetiser is composed of pan-seared tobiko-laden Rougie Foie Gras served atop black glutinous rice infused with ginger and Chinese wine.

The little surprise comes in the form of a pastel-yellow in-house tangy sauce to balance the flavours, and also adds in some fruitiness.

Plus, this comes in a smoky presentation which is not to be missed. Get cameras ready.

Tsingtao Beef Fillet de Boeuf 青岛牛柳 ($42 per portion)
Tenderized by a 12-hour infusion with Tsingtao beer. This Australian Augustus beef tenderloin from grain-fed cattle is grilled to optimum doneness.

Served with cauliflower pommes mash which is first torched for some smokiness, then topped with prawn roe.

Those yellow, thin flat bread you see on top? It is the Indian papadam which enhances with some textural crisp.

Lè Fusion Crispy Pork Roulade 秘制香脆肉卷 ($32 per portion)
This pork roulade highlights the crispiness of pork skin and the meat’s succulence, stuffing a rolled pork belly with a mixture of sausage meats.

Enjoy this chef special with accompanying deep-fried mantou, Shanghainese sour plum wine-soaked vine tomatoes, sliced cucumbers, and piquillo yuzu emulsion.

I did feel that this dish could do with additional serving of dipping sauce, to best complement the crispy mantou.

Braised Abalone Seafood Rice 海鲜鲍鱼烩饭 ($38 per portion)
This Chinese mui fan takes a luxe upgrade.

The consommé-sodden steamed pearl white rice is perfected with Tasmania 6-head abalone, scallop, fish, squid, mussels, and prawn.

Other than the medley of premium seafood, I think what diners would like about this dish would be its savoury braised gravy, which actually reminded me of seafood bisque in terms of the complex flavours.

Trio Pasta 三色意面 ($34 per portion)
A 3-in-1 dish. Stuck between choices of three different pastas, but want to try it all at one go?

A signature Le Fusion dish will be your answer. This pasta dish is crafted three ways showcases green pesto, red chili crab (our favourite part), and black squid ink flavours.

Your eyes and palate with enjoy the variety on the plate, with toppings of lobsters, prawn, and truffle.

Lè Fusion Chendol 特色煎蕊 ($14 per portion)
Don’t leave without trying this three-layered iced signature dessert.

This creation features home-made chendol elements green jellies, coconut milk, and kidney beans, topped with shaved ice and finished off with gula melaka syrup.

That is not all. You can also expect some Bailey’s Irish Cream liqueur for a tinge of cocoa creaminess.

Panna Cotta with Sweet Glutinous 意式布丁配黑糯米饭 ($14 per portion)
This layered dessert begins with a silky base of Italian panna cotta, covered with a rich and sweet pulut hitam – our familiar black glutinous rice porridge, finished off with coconut cream.

Contrasting the creaminess is a crisp tuille topping, a French-style home-baked wafer made of lotus seeds.

Lè Fusion’s stylish ambiance is gently lit by red pendant lamps. With walls decorated with pop art and neon signs.

Pair up thoughtfully plated dishes with their house pour selection. Or any of their wine and champagne listing.

– 20% off self-collection orders. Simply call +65 6363 9966 to pre-order and arrange for self-pick up at The Pier at Robertson Drive Thru
– Delivery Promotions on Oddle: 20% OFF Family Set Menus on Oddle, Enjoy $12 off Family Set A (u.p.$57) now at $45 and enjoy $18 off Family Set B (U.P. $88) now at $70. 50% OFF Signature Items: Braised Abalone Seafood Rice at $22 (up $38) and Whole Lobster Golden Salted Egg Yolk Rice at $27 (up $46).
– FREE islandwide delivery for orders above $100
– Enjoy $30 off total bill for takeaway/ self collection at The Pier at Robertson Drive thru with Chope (not stackable with ChopeDeals takeaway vouchers)

Lè Fusion

Lè Fusion
The Pier at Robertson, 80 Mohamed Sultan Road, #01-7 8/9, Singapore 239013
Tel: +65 6363 9966
Opening Hours: 12pm – 3am Last Order 2:30pm, 6pm – 10:30pm, Last Order 9:30pm (Mon – Sun (Sun)
Delivery: https://lefusion.oddle.me/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LeFusionSg

Lè Fusion

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Lè Fusion.


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