[Jakarta] Ask the Jakarta people what their favourite Chinese Hakka restaurant in town is, and the likelihood of them answering the legendary “Angke” restaurant would be quite high.

Restoran Angke was established in 1965 and specialises in Hakka cuisine, still using the same original recipes, to ensure the quality of the dishes.

Hakka is a particular style of cooking in Chinese cuisine, known for ‘texturised’ dishes which are stewed, braised, and roasted, characterised as salty, fragrant with umami.

As of today, Angke has three outlets in the city (Jl. Raya Boulevard Barat Kelapa Gading Square, Arcade Business Center).

I have always visited the main branch in Ketapang, Central Jakarta (Jl. Zaenal Arifin, Komplek Ketapang Indah).

Step inside and you will be transported back to the 80s, as if time have stopped right there.

Despite the traditional interior, Angke has always been packed with loyal customers from one generation to another.

It is quite a common sight to see an extended family with 2-3 generations dine in here.

For starters, recommended dishes are Lumpia Goreng (IDR198k, SGD19.80) deep fried prawn roll or if you prefer more atas version, then order Cingkong Kepiting Goreng (IDR330k, SGD33) deep fried crab roll.

If you have stomach room for more or come in a group or family, you can try ordering other dishes such as Udang Rebus Minyak Jahe (IDR 425k, SGD42.50), fresh prawns boiled with ginger sauce; Kodok Goreng Mentega (IDR 240k, SGD24) fried frog legs with margarine sauce; and Bakut Goreng Kering (IDR 340k, SGD34) of deep-fried pork ribs.

Note that prices are slightly on the expensive side.

Head straight for some of their famous dishes which include the Ayam Garam (IDR 230k, SGD23), Ayam Rebus (IDR 230k, SGD23), and Babi Hong (IDR 352k, SGD 35.20).

I thought that the Ayam Garam (Salted Chicken) would taste pretty salty like most in other restaurants, turned out it was light, matched with tender and moist meat.

I actually prefereed the Ayam Rebus aka Pee Cam Khee (白斬雞) over the salted chicken, which somehow reminded me of poached Hainanese chicken from Singapore.

One of their signature pork dishes is none other than Babi Hong (IDR 352k, SGD 35.20)

Their braised pork belly was definitely one of the best I had ever tried – silky smooth, marinated well, had a proportional ratio of meat and fat.

Also, do not miss their preserved mustard, which complemented well with the braised pork belly.

A must order dish for me is definitely the Gurame Tahu Tausi (IDR215k, SGD21.50), of deep-fried carp fish with smoked tofu served in black bean sauce.

Just look at the generous amount of tofu.

The tofu had a slight smoky taste, right consistency from the black bean sauce – not too thick or watery.

One other popular dish is their Lindung Cah Fumak (IDR278, SGD27.80), stir fried eel with Chinese lettuce.

The crispy eel is best paired with hot bowl of steamed rice.

Just like a letter with stamp, one shall order Babat Hitam Cah Tauge (IDR 196k, SGD 19.60) when ordering the Lindung.

A dish of stir-fry beef tripe with bean sprout served with gravy, the beef tripe had the right texture without being too thick or rubbery. The gravy also scored with a hint of sweetness.

Another Angke’s signature dish is their Bakmi Goreng (IDR168k, SGD16.80), easily one of the best in town.

The noodle was aromatic with a hint of wok hei, had chewy texture and generous fillings.

After numerous visit here, I could understand why many regards Angke as their favourite or best chinese restaurant in the city, they keep the menu simple, staying true to its original recipes.

Through times, Angke has proven itself to be considered probably the best Chinese Hakka restaurant in the city, thanks to its consistency.

Restoran Angke
Komplek Ketapang Indah, Blok B1 No. 1
Jl. KH Zainul Arifin, Gajah Mada, Jakarta Pusat 10130
Tel: +6221 634 3030
Opening Hours: 10am – 3pm, 5pm – 10pm (Mon – Sun)
Google Maps – Restoran Angke

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* Written by DFD͛’s Jakarta Food Correspondent @iknowhowtoeat who loves exploring NEW food places in both Indonesia and Singapore. DFD pays for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.


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