All this viral “Asian Flat Croissant” talk was making me crave for Roti Prata even more.

Roti Prata is a well-loved hawker food in Singapore. Also known as “roti canai” in other parts of Southeast Asia, the Indian-influenced flatbread dish is usually served with curry or dal.

However, you do find more creative savoury and sweet variations, filled with cheese, bananas, or even chocolate.

The prata is typically crispy outside and doughy inside, making it a flexible choice for breakfast, lunch, snack, or supper (I usually have it for breakfast or supper – it just tastes ‘better’.)

Springleaf Prata Place at Thong Soon Avenue is a one-stop air-conditioned family restaurant that is popular with families, with a number of branches all over Singapore (57B Jalan Tua Kong, The Rail Mall, JCube B1-11, Sunset Way 01-64, NeWest Condo.)

Being a Halal-certified caterer, it can cater to your different events and occasions, and they can make prata on-site.

Not many may know about this, but you can also find Springleaf’s prata as part of Shangri-La Hotel’s “The Lobby Lounge’s Heritage Breakfast” at The Lobby Lounge.

The eatery at Thong Soon Avenue is also listed in the Michelin Guide Singapore with a Michelin Plate, offering a variety of dishes including roti and specialty prata, murtabak, thosai, and goreng dishes such as Nasi Goreng, Mee Goreng, to even… yes, Prata Goreng.

Each order comes with a plate of chicken curry, but you can request for a fish or lentil-based curry instead. First-timers are recommended to try their famous “Chicken Floss Prata” ($3.80).

These pieces are fried on a hot griddle with ghee for a crisp toasted outer layer and fluffy centre.

I would usually get the Egg Prata for the basic choice ($2.30). Comparing to the average prata, theirs seem more rectangular in shape, with a nice thin crisp on the outside.

This is best complemented with two types of curry: Dhal Cha, a thick yellowish curry made from split pulses; and Fish Curry – slightly spicy with tasty, tangy flavours.

Other specialty prata include Mozzarella Cheese with Egg ($4.70), Portobello Mushroom with Mozzarella ($5.90), or go for the Combo of mushroom, egg, and tomato ($4.20).

A highlight would be their “Ultimate Hawkerfest” category. They first created the “Ultimate Murtabak” ($8.90, $13.90) in 2012 in conjunction with the special Hawkerfest event, but became so well-received they launched one new creative item every year.

A best-seller would be 2013’s “Murtaburger” ($8.50) which is a combination between the lamb-filled murtabak and Ramly burger. 2017’s Prata Alfredo ($10.90) of chunky rosemary smoked chicken tossed in a prata filled with creamy Alfredo sauce, sprinkled with fresh button mushrooms and mozzarella cheese also piqued my curiosity.

The Plaster Blaster ($5.90) made me recall the year of 2014 when eggs benedict and brunch items started flooding social media the first time, with Instagram pages filled with photos of oozy yolks. (Does anyone remember that period?)

You get prata topped with poached egg, ham and poured over with Hollandaise sauce.

While I applaud them for their innovation, I am not entirely sure this worked well after the crispy prata soaked in all that gooeyness.

I much enjoyed the Umami-50 ($9.90) which was included with a number of ‘comfort’ ingredients such as luncheon meat, egg, chicken floss, mozzarella cheese and MAYO within.

Luncheon meat in prata is not common, because it is harder to source for a halal-certified chicken luncheon meat (and halal Japanese mayonnaise as well).

Take a bite, and you get a variety of textures from the chewy cheese and fluffy floss, with a blast of savoury and sweet flavours. Intriguingly delicious.

For something more filling, order one of their “Goreng Goreng” choices ($5.00): nasi, mee, mee hoon, kway teow, maggi, and prata goreng. You can include additional toppings like sunny side up egg, ikan bilis, chicken and mutton.

Springleaf Prata Place
1 Thong Soon Avenue, Singapore 787431
Tel: +65 6459 5670, 8119 2297
Opening Hours: 8am – 12am (Mon – Sun), Closed every first Mon of the month

Other outlets at
57B Jalan Tua Kong, The Rail Mall, JCube B1-11, Sunset Way 01-64, NeWest Condo

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