It is of no coincidence that three coffee places with minimalist-industrial vibes have opened within two weeks from one another – Lucid, Brother Bird Coffeehouse, and Double Up Coffee.

And they are not considered too far in terms of distance, all located in the Bugis-Lavender stretch.

(Photo credit: @stormscape)

You may just walk past Double Up Coffee at Jalan Klapa, considered quite a hole-in-the-wall. It is located right opposite Kumoya known for its character cafes. Both cafes are the opposite ends in styles anyway – one known for cutesy cartoon-themed food; the other coffee focused.

There are two halves of Double Up Coffee. Outside, you would spot three chairs of solid colours of red, yellow and blue, along with a table repurposed from a skateboard. It suggests funkiness and young vibes.

Walking in, the mood changes with light grey cement coffee counter, light wooden chairs, but most customers were sitting back facing the wall on a row of concrete seats.

It almost feels there is no little between barista and customer. Maybe that is what they are trying to achieve.

The menu is lean, divided into “business” (coffee drinks), “pleasure” (non-coffee drinks), and “chow” (rotational pastry).

You sense that element of playfulness when coffee drinks are not named the conventional latte or flat white, but Spro with Milk ($5) and Double Up ($7).

“Spro” is actually a slang term for an “espresso”. (You can use it like, ”Bro, let’s grab a Spro”); while a Double Up is a piccolo with espresso.

Beans are sourced from Bearded Bella which they call the “Kuku Bududa” with milk-chocolaty notes.

(Photo credit: @juicyfingers)

The bake here is rotational, and what is offered had included Peach & Pear Crust ($5.00) or Blueberry Crust ($5.50).

What you get is a crusty pie-like pastry with softer layered texture in the middle, topped with caramelised fruits.

I think what people would like about Double Up Coffee is that it is unpretentious and doesn’t need to try too hard.

Double Up Coffee
7 Jalan Klapa, Singapore 199319
Opening Hours: 10am – 6pm (Mon, Wed – Sun), Closed Tues

Lucid (Hamilton Road)
Brother Bird Coffeehouse (Bali Lane)
Bearded Bella (Craig Road)
Narrative Coffee Stand (Bras Basah Complex)
Starter Lab (Havelock Road)

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