We can agree the indie café culture is not just about coffee anymore, but also about the presentation, vibes, and ambience.

Front-runners in Singapore such as Chye Seng Huat and Apartment Coffee each ticked the boxes with industrial and minimalist-white concept respectively, and have earned loyal fans.

Newcomer Lucid which is also found at the Jalan Besar area, will likely attract café-hoppers to visit soon. The reasons are plenty.

Its location at Hamilton Road is considered ‘off-beat’ yet central enough.

And its industrial-grey look with cement flooring, modern matt-silver furniture and a minimalist look will appeal to the Instagram generation.

We have seen a couple of such themed cafes at Bangkok and Seoul (such as Anthracite Coffee Roasters), but such a consistently-grey-look is not that commonly found in Singapore, yet. (It did remind me of Almost Famous at CHIJMES, and I suspect perhaps they share a common co-owner or designer?)

Lucid is a collaboration between 37 waves – a distributor for professional coffee equipment and tools; and Thought Bakes.

The menu is kept lean, with offerings of coffee drinks such as Black Coffee ($3.50), Iced Black ($5.50), Strong White ($5.00), Iced White ($6.00), Mocha ($5.50) and Chocolate ($5.00) for non-coffee drinkers.

In terms of bakes, there are choices of Banana Bread ($3.50), Brownie ($2.00), and Financier ($1.00).

The highlight will be the “Cloud Beta v0.1” ($9.00), produced in very small quantities and often sold out (I was third time lucky.)

Firstly, I thought the presentation of the cake fitted the grey aesthetics very well, almost like a cloud floating on grey skies.

This came with fluffy ivoire white chocolate mousse, filled with strawberry jelly that was not too sweet, on a shortbread cookie-like base.

The Iced White ($6.00) that I had was decent – smooth and well-balanced, and could probably give the more established big boys a run for their money.

Definitely preferred it to the Iced Black ($5.50) which a notch strong in terms of acidity level and bitterness.

To be more, the pastries from the Banana Bread ($3.50), Brownie ($2.00) to Financier ($1.00) were well-baked, retained its moisture and was more too sweet.

I wondered about the portion size; and whether they could give it their own spin and twist (such as an interestingly-flavoured Brownie) such as it could have a stronger “Lucid” branding.

Promising space considering this is just their soft-launch (and during CNY period where supplies can be hard to get). I think the crowds will pack in soon.

38 Hamilton Road Singapore 209208
Opening Hours: 11am – 6pm (Thurs – Fri), 10am – 2pm (Sat – Sun), Closed Mon – Wed

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