[Taipei] Shilin Night Market 士林夜市 is considered one of the must-visit night markets in Taipei, and a popular eatery you can find within is Hai You Pork Ribs 海友十全排骨.

A Michelin Bib Gourmand shop (Michelin Guide calls it “Hai Yu”), Hai You Pork Ribs Soup has been in operations for over 45 years.

It is known for its herbal style Pork Rib (NT$100, SGD4.50) and Chicken Drumstick Soup (NT$100), cooked using a secret recipe made with over 15 herbs.

The eatery is always bustling with customers, with a prominent yellow frontage that can reminds you of a medical hall.

They also proudly state that this is their only outlet, and there are no branches around.

You may be enticed with the herbal fragrance of the big pots of soups, actually placed right near the entrance as staff continually scoops. Oh, the grease too.

One thing to note: there is no English menu around, and descriptions and prices of dishes are hung on wooden panels on the wall.

The top-selling dish is the Pork Rib Soup (NT$100, SGD4.50) in a dark, partly oily broth. Compared to the usual style of Teochew Bak Kut Teh which what Singaporeans are used to, this is worlds apart.

I actually expected a stronger-flavour of herbs, but it actually came across rather light but no less nourishing.

The pork ribs were unfortunately towards the tough side, and overall could be too oily for me.

Comparatively, I enjoyed the Herbal Drum Stick Soup (NT$100, SGD4.50) better, as the chicken was at least tender and soft.

To cut the grease from the soup, I think it could be worthwhile to order some of the side dishes such as Dry Mee Sua (NT$30), Braised Pork Rice aka Lu Rou Fan (NT$30) or Poached Vegetables (NT$40).

Actually, the Mee Sua was my favourite thing here.

Hai You Pork Ribs Soup 海友十全排骨
Dadong Road No. 49, Within Shilin Night Market Taipei
Tel: +886 2 2888 1959
Opening Hours: 2:30pm – 1:00am (Mon – Sat), 2:30pm – 12:00am (Sun)

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