With many bubble tea chains opened in Singapore, and BBT market getting slightly saturated, seeing a quaint brewed tea café like this is indeed quite refreshing (pun not intended).

Steeped Tea Bar which is located at Tan Quee Lan Street (next to Kin Moo), uses espresso machines to brew tea to order (Well, may just remind you of CHICHA San Chen).

This process allows them to extract a brew that allows the tea’s natural flavours stand out in their beverages.

With that said, they are not the first in Singapore to introduce this.

The difference is that while most of such drinks are found in kiosks, Steeped Tea Bar adopts a sit-down café concept with white minimalist deccor, offering fruit teas, milk latte, accompanied with tiramisu cakes.

Cakes are supplied by L’Atelier Tiramisu at Clarke Quay Central.

The signature drinks are the fruit tea “mocktails”, with offerings of Pear High Mountain Oolong ($6.30), Grapefruit Sencha or Genmaicha ($5.80), Soursop Sencha ($6.60), Lavender Blueberry ($6.30), Rose Lychee Raspberry ($7.20), and Lime Mint Sencha ($6.30).

What will appeal to customers is that only real botanicals and fruit juices or purees are used, and not any flavoured syrups, colouring, or concentrates.

Also, whole tea leaves are used, instead of ‘tea dust’ or pre-ground tea that allows you to savour the natural taste of the tea better.

I had the Grape Oolong ($6.60) and found it having a pleasant balance between the sweet-tartness of the grapes and delicate flavour of the tea.

In fact, the tea is on the much lighter side and doesn’t have the pronounced ‘bitterness’ that some people may associate with oolong.

This was more apparent when I ordered the Pear High Mountain Oolong ($6.30) which uses fragrant Williams pear puree. I think this is what differentiates this with the usual bubble tea joints.

There is also a milk latte series included with Hokkaido Milk, and there is option to add $0.50 for Oat Milk.

While I usually have a Matcha Latte, I was most intrigued with the Melon Fruit Latte ($5.80).

Certainly did not disappoint with its smooth and soothing mouthfeel, with that lovely honeydew-like melon taste.

Their menu does feature uncommon fruit flavours from soursop, blueberry, to pear, which is a draw.

My main concern that it is located at a less-visible part of Tan Quee Lan Street, and may not attract that much foot traffic. I hope they do well.

Steeped Tea Bar
2 Tan Quee Lan Street, #01-01, Singapore 188091 (Bugis MRT Station)
Tel: +65 9120 1169
Opening Hours: 11am – 9pm (Mon – Sun)

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