Good news to all Taiwanese night market lovers, Asian Night Market kicks off its first edition with Taiwan’s critically acclaimed touring food exhibition 士林嘉年华 here in Singapore for the very first time.

Spanning from Siloso Point to Siloso Beach, the Sentosa event will run from 16th of January to 9th of February 2020, from 5pm – 10:30pm every night (except 20 to 22 Jan).

Asian Night Market will feature more than 30 food stalls and more than 100 delicious Taiwanese street food found at the famous Ningxia Night Market 宁夏夜市, some not commonly available in Singapore.

Nicknamed “Taipei’s stomach”, Ningxia is one of Taiwan’s most well-liked night markets with over 40 years of history.

Snack on popular Taiwanese street food like Sweet Potato Balls, Flaming Beef Cubes, Braised Pork Rice, Taiwanese Oyster Omelette, Egg-bombed Scallion Pancake, and many more.

The Night Market is split into two zones – one with a view of the Siloso Beach; the other on green grass where you can watch Reflections at Keppel Bay at a distance. Can be pretty romantic at night.

Are you extremely fond of Taiwanese beef noodles? Check out the stall of award-winning Taiwanese entrepreneur Chef Cheng Cheng Chung 郑正中 and taste his rendition of this iconic dish. The man is in Singapore himself.

Your Taiwan Food Festival experience will not be complete without trying Taiwanese sausage. Don’t miss the Taiwanese Sausage with Glutinous Rice (aka Da Chang Bao Xiao Chang) by Singer and “Pork King” 猪肉王子 at Tsai Hsiao Hu 蔡小虎.

Here are some of the recommended Taiwanese Street Food you can find there:

Beef Noodles by Chef Cheng Cheng Chung正立牛肉面 (Stall 13)
Savour large chunks of uber tender beef along with Taiwanese noodles in a flavourful soup. This Zheng Li Beef Noodle Restaurant creation ($10) is known even outside Wanhua, Taipei where it had been perfected by Chef Cheng Cheng Chun 郑正中.

You may just spot the jovial Chef Cheng at the stall itself.

Chef revealed that the broth is cooked for 48 hours straight to obtain that rich, flavourful taste. Matched with chewy noodles and chunks of beef, having a sip of this comforting broth may just transport you back to Taiwan.

If you have time for only one dish, GET THIS.

Fried Chicken Cutlet by Fun Sun G 炸鸡排 (Stall 13)
Fun Sun G’s Ji-Pai ($12) or breaded chicken cutlet is another popular Taiwanese snack item known for its large portion and wide, flat shape.

Pounded chicken breast is seasoned with spices, battered and quickly deep-fried to achieve a crisp exterior while keeping the meat moist and tender.

Check out the size of the Chicken Cutlet – could be bigger than some of your friend’s face. (Note: the Taiwanese would serve it the way the do back home – without cutting into pieces.)

Crispy Salted Chicken 盐酥鸡 (Stall 17)
Another dish for fans of chicken snacks, the Crispy Salted Chicken ($10) is a savoury item that stays crispy even after one hour.

Marinated boneless bite-sized chicken meat is seasoned with salt and pepper, battered, and deep-fried until golden brown.

Grilled Meat Skewers 烤肉串 (Stall 17)
Smell and see that street food vibe with these skewered meats ($6), grilled before your nose and eyes.

A fun and portable way to enjoy assorted meats, like chicken, beef, pork, and even lamb, Taiwanese-style.

Taiwanese Sausage with Glutinous Rice 大肠包小肠 by Tsai Hsiao-hu 蔡小虎 (Stall 19)
A recommended must-try item, this Taiwanese sausage is presented laid on top of a “bun” made of glutinous rice ($10).

In between is a mix of veggies and seasonings to balance the flavours and textures.

Deep-Fried Smelly Tofu 六浩店臭豆腐 (Stall 3)
Love it or hate it, the smelly tofu has gained reputation for its strong fermented aroma and flavour. While some prefer it steamed, this deep-fried version ($12) has that delectable crunchy texture.

To be honest, this was not as ‘smelly’ as I would have imagined, perhaps to cater to the local market.

You can also request for top-up of spices, and even though I have the “medium spicy” (zhong la), there was already quite a good kick.

Oyster Omelette 蚵仔煎 and Oyster Mee Sua 蚵仔面线 (Stall 6)
The famous Taiwan oyster omelette aka “Orh Ah Jian” ($10) is a crowd-drawer for its abundance of textures and flavours.

Pre-shucked oysters, batter, eggs, celery leaves, and scallions, and cooked on a hot flat plate, then served with a sweet-sour tomato sauce.

Pair it up with the Oyster Mee Sua ($12), a slurp-worthy noodle soup thickened with oysters and braised pig intestines.

Flaming Beef Cubes 火焰骰子牛肉 (Stall 9)
Wait ‘til these raw chunks of beef are flame-grilled via torching ($14), so sink your teeth onto the meat, served with a variety of seasonings. This is served with pickled vegetables (like kimchi), though I wished the cubes could be more tender.

Egg-bombed Scallion Pancake 月氏激蛋葱油饼 (Stall 20)
This Taiwanese delicacy of Egg-bombed Scallion Pancake ($8) is like Cong You Bing or “onion oil pancake” – crisp on the outside and chewy on the inside, and this egg-bombed version is served like a stuffed taco. One of my personal favourites.

Sweet Potato Fries 甘梅薯條 and Deep-Fried Mushrooms 黃金珊瑚菇 (Stall 20)
Munch your way through the festival with deep-fried sweet potato fries ($8) packed with nutrients and crunch.

While at Stall 20, grab some of its crispy mushroom counterpart for a mix of flavours in your mouth.

Five Spiced Meat Roll 五香肉捲 (Stall 22)
Looking for Taiwanese style ngoh hiang ($8)? You’ll find it at Stall 22, with minced meat bursting with flavours as it mingles with Chinese mushrooms, carrots, water chestnuts, spring onions, and of course, five-spice powder aka ngoh hiang powder.

Fried to golden brown and cut into bite-sized pieces, this meat roll is a savoury dish you can’t resist.

Sweet Potato Balls and Yam Balls 芋泥球.地瓜球 (Stall 22)
Taro balls, a chewy Chinese snack that originated from Jiufen, Taiwan, find their way to Sentosa to treat foodies with these addicting taste and texture.

Their soft, sweet and slippery surface makes this dessert a sure knock-out item.

As for the Taro Ball itself, be careful as the inside contains oozy molten salted egg. Plus at $2 for 2 pieces, these are worth your money. The Sweet Potato Balls are priced at $6 for 5 pieces.

Fruit Teas (Stall 14, Stall 23)
In between tastings, rehydrate with refreshing beverages from Stall 23 such as Super Berries & Rose Mocktail, Mint & Lime Mocktail, Calpis & Lemon Mocktail, and a special “Romantic Siloso” ($14) specially created for this event.

If you like it sweet, go for the Brown Sugar Boba with Caramel Milk, Brown Sugar with Caramel Milk, Strawberry Milk Caramel with Bubble, or Taro Milk Caramel with Bubble.

Papaya Milkshake 木瓜牛奶 (Stall 14, Stall 23)
Cool down with a serving (or two?) or Papaya Milkshake ($6), a smooth and silky blend made with chopped papaya, cold milk, and sweeteners.

Apart from delicious treats and games to keep the young ones entertained, there will also be popular Mandopop performances by local artistes – Wang Weiliang, Bunz, Ruth Kueo, Tay Kexin, Cold Cut Duo, Marcus Lee, AnchorBlanc, Jumpstart, Music Heart Band and Garrick & Gavin.

Asian Night Market: Taiwan Food Festival featuring Ningxia Night Market
Venue: Siloso Point, Sentosa
Date: 16th Jan – 9th Feb 2020 (closed from 20 – 22 Jan 2020)
Time: 5pm – 10:30pm

Entry to Asian Night Market is free. Sentosa’s island admission rates apply.
Note: This is a cashless event. Mastercard, Visa, Wechat Pay, Alipay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and EZ-link card are accepted.

Promotions: T&C apply.
Enjoy 10% OFF F&B with MasterCard® at participating F&B outlets at event ground
Enjoy $5 OFF your Grab ride to Sentosa with promo code “SentosaSpring” (Pick up between 10am to 8pm, limited to 1 time use per Grab user)

Flash your membership card and redeem $8 vouchers
Sentosa Islander members: Redeem $8 vouchers for food
NTUC members: Redeem $8 vouchers for food
SAFRA members: Redeem $8 vouchers for drinks
Civil Service Club Members: Redeem $8 vouchers for drinks

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Asian Night Market.


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