[Seoul] A trip to Seoul Korea is not really complete without a meal at an authentic Korean BBQ restaurant.

For tourists heading to Myeongdong, Wang Bi Jib 왕비집 otherwise known as 王妃家 or ‘Imperial Princess’s House’ is easily the most popular BBQ restaurant in the area.

There are three outlets found within Myeongdong itself, and actually all of them can get pretty packed during meal-times. I went to the outlet on the 2nd level of Beautiplex building.

As the number of tables are not that many, I would recommend going slightly off-peak to secure a table, or at least you do not have to wait that long (we are talking about an hour or two).

Part of the reason why it is so successful is its offering of a variety of premium meals at rather inexpensive prices. Talking about quality here.

For beef dishes alone, there are offerings of Assorted Premium Korean Beef, Sirloin, Tenderloin, Beef Belly, Rib Finger, Ox Tongue, Short Rib, Finger marinated in soy sauce, beef ribs marinated in soy sauce, and even Beef Tartare.

The Assorted Beef Platter goes for 36,000 Korean Won (SGD42) for a 150gram portion meant for one.

As for the Pork Belly, it goes for 15,000 Won (SGD17.50) for a 150 grams portion, and the more convenient plate of Assorted Pork is pried at 33,000 Won (SGD38.50) meant for two diners.

One thing that I noted that it didn’t smell like a BBQ restaurant. With a good exhaust system in place, you do not have to worry that much that you would smell like smoked meat.

When it comes to ordering, the service staff can speak functional English or Mandarin.

Even though business was generally brisk, service was prompt and there would be a staff that would help you barbecue the meats and change grills when it is time to. (However, Korean servers are more straight-forward in getting their job done, so do not expect them to get smiley and all.)

What I really enjoyed was that the meats were cooked just right with a touch of char, and as diners getting distracted, we do not have to worry about them getting charred-black.

Even when I ate the meats plain with just a slight sprinkling of salt, the pieces were richly flavourful with a good bite and not overly fatty.

I was glad there were mushrooms as well, which were piping hot after being grilled for a while, yet retaining their juices within. Be careful of scalding your tongue.

Wangbijib 왕비집 王妃家
2F 26 Myeongdong 8ga-gil, 63-6 Chungmuro-2ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Tel: +82 02 3789 1945
Opening Hours: 11am – 3pm, 5pm – 10pm (Mon – Sun)

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