[Bangkok] Ekkamai may be known to Singaporeans for its café culture, but one eatery you should try out, especially if you love pig intestines soup and salted vegetable is Arunwan.

If you been to their old shop and noticed that “they are gone”, they have moved to a new place nearby at Park X (note: some photos here are from the old shop).

It is cleaner, more spacious, and more organised now. English menu provided as well.

Arunwan is sometimes referred to the locals as “Tue Huan Ekkamai”, in which “Tue Huan” refers to pig intestines, and they offer pork offal in various forms.

As one of the 50 plus eateries which earned the Bib Gourmand distinction in Bangkok, Arunwan has been around since the 1960s, founded by a Chinese immigrant.

Locals and tourists come here for the noodles, either rolled or egg, combined with mixed meats and veggies.

The signature dish to get is Pickled Cabbage Soup with Everything (70 baht, SGD3.10) which includes crispy pork, stomach, intestines, and minced pork.

There’s only 1 base for their soup, but lots of possible ingredients.

Choose from assorted boiled meat offal, from blood cubes to liver, stomach, intestine, and kidney, with price ranging affordably from 70 to 80 baht per bowl.

Not too keen on offal? You can add crispy pork, minced pork, sliced pork or wonton. And throw in some veggies too, they have some pickled cabbage.

Or the signature Crispy Pork with Rice (60 baht). Oh, that black sauce.

I would be honest to say I am not the biggest fan of offal, but the soup here was just another thing all together. It was mildly salty and sour, very refreshing, and just whets your appetite all together.

Most people do not like pig offal for the occasionally smelly taste, but there was very little of that, and the intestines and stomach were both chewy and soft to the bite.

Typically, we have salted vegetables paired with duck meat back home, and this soup reminded me a lot of that. It was mildly salty and sour, very refreshing, and just whets your appetite all together.

If you do not like roll noodles, go for the Egg Noodles with Crispy Pork and Wonton (70 baht).

It was almost like your Wanton Noodles with springy thin mee tossed with light seasoning and pork lard fragrance.

This, plus Crispy Wontons, Sticky Rice with Peanuts, Steamed Wontons, Crispy Pork are available as sides.

Refresh with either their homemade Thai style iced black coffee or chrysanthemum tea.

PARK X ปาก, Ekkamai 15 Alley, Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand
Tel: +66 80 994 2299
Opening Hours: 9am – 7pm (Mon – Sun)
Arunwan – Google Maps

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