Carmen’s Best will be closing their Singapore outlet, with the last day of operation on the 25th of July 2021.

Ice cream will go at $8.90 per pint, while stocks last.

[Review written in Dec 2019] Premium ice cream brand Carmen’s Best from The Philippines has opened its first overseas store, setting camp at Capitol Singapore (previously known as “Capitol Piazza”).

The story of Carmen’s Best began in 2007 when founder Francisco “Paco” Magsaysay’s father bought a farm in Laguna, Philippines to start a dairy farm.

With a surplus of cow’s milk, Paco found a way to make artisanal ice cream the old-fashioned way – using 100% cow’s milk and cream, no water, no additives, and no mass-production.

Their relaxed classical music-listening cows produce the best quality milk, the key behind Carmen’s Best smooth, creamy texture that doesn’t turn grainy or icy. Only the finest ingredients from around the world are combined with their fresh dairy milk.

Named after the founder’s daughter, Carmen, the brand is anchored on choosing ingredients based on taste.

Carmen’s Best Ice Cream Flavours

Carmen’s Best Ice Cream Flavours
Every flavour is inspired by real stories from Paco’s global travels, from the signature flavour “He’s Not Worth It” to seasonal ones like Cheese, Strawberry, Ube, and Brazilian Coffee.

Other popular must-taste flavours include Pistachio, Dark Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Butter Pecan, Cookies & Cream, and Cookie Dough.

Start with a single flavour at $4.90 per scoop, or go for 2 scoops at $5.90 (pick two flavours).

Want a freshly-made waffle cone to go with your ice cream? Just add $0.60 and you’re good to go. Eating on the go? Get a pint for $16.00, enough for a satisfying binge.

Make your Waffles, Brownies or Lava Cake a la mode with 1 scoop ($8.90) or 2 scoops ($13.90) of your chosen flavours.


Try the Pistachio flavour, a barometer for quality artisanal ice cream. You can tell from its taste and texture there’s no cutting corners when it comes to using premium quality ingredients.

Made with pistachios sourced from Sicily, Italy, known for their bolder, more intense flavour, this ice cream incorporates 100% pure pistachio with whole pistachio bits for that extra crunch.


What makes this flavour unique is the type of cheese used. Using a locally produced curd, the same type used in creating the popular local cheese-flavoured ice cream, this has won the hearts of both cheese and non-cheese fans.

He’s Not Worth It

He’s Not Worth It
This playfully-named dark chocolate ice cream is made with the finest Swiss cocoa powder, giving it that deep, solid chocolate taste.

Chockful of walnuts, choco cookies, and fudge, it also has caramel sauce and coffee granules, making it a signature flavour you shouldn’t miss.

It is accordingly named as for people who need a pick-me-upper after a break-up, and said to have worked very effectively. Ice Cream > The heart-breaker.

Brown Butter Almond Brittle

Brown Butter Almond Brittle
A bestselling flavour made with creamy butter and home-made almond brittle, it was the founder’s favourite flavour of Jeni’s Ice Cream from Ohio, USA.

It became famous when Pope Francis had this and Pistachio on board when he flew from Manila to Rome in 2015. Since then, Carmen’s Best became known as “the ice cream that pleased the Pope”.

Singapore Exclusive Sundaes
To mark this first international store, Carmen’s Best offers specially crafted limited-edition sundaes such as 3riple Treats Special, Best Friend in Good & Bad Times, Singa-Pour, and Pure Indulgence.

3riple Treats Special ($10.90)
This best-selling sundae rewards you with a trio of treats: scoops of the famous cheese ice cream, caramelised candied almonds, and sweet dried figs.

As a finishing touch, you also get a generous swirl of tangy sweet orange caramel sauce.

Best Friend in Good & Bad Times ($10.90)
We all have that best friend in good and bad times, but this one will delight you even more. An irresistible, comforting blend of chocolate ice cream, chocolate chips, chocolate syrup, crunchy almonds, and crisp cookies.

Together, they are made extra special with a sprinkling of gold dust to chase those blues away.

Singa-Pour ($10.90)
Specially made for the Singaporean foodies, the Singa-Pour features the Malted Milk ice cream made with Horlicks and Maltesers.

This flavour, one of the top 4, is combined with the taste of corn, desiccated coconut, and cashew nuts. Giving it a local flair is the luscious gula melaka sauce poured over this delicious mess.

Carmen’s Best Ice Cream
13 Stamford Rd, #B1-32 Capitol Singapore
Opening Hours: 11am – 9pm (Mon – Fri, Sun), 11am – 10pm (Sat)

Carmen's Best

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Carmen’s Best.


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