Singapore’s bubble tea game is still going strong, with Jay Chou endorsed-brand Machi Machi opening on 18 January 11am at Arab Street. (On that note, HLD Dragon Ji Long Tang from Taipei is also heading down in Singapore at Centrepoint.)

It was not reported if Jay Chou himself is an owner of the brand, but Machi Machi is apparently named after his wife Hannah Quinlivan’s pet Pomeranian.

The bubble tea got even more famous after it was featured in Jay Chou’s MTV “说好不哭 Won’t Cry” (ah, how convenient and smart) , leading to insane long queues for its Shanghai opening.

Local singers JJ Lin and Hong Junyang (he has become a co-owner of Singapore’s outlet) are said to be big fans of Machi Machi as well.

Moving away from just offering the typical bubble tea, Machi Machi is known for its “’God of Cheese Tea” offerings, serving up cold tea with a layer of milk and cream cheese foam on top, somewhat like a dessert in a drink.

Over in Singapore, the recommended signatures include Fresh Strawberry Latte with Panna Cotta in a bottle ($7.00), Black Milk Tea with Cheese Foam ($5.50), Black Tea Latte with Panna Cotta ($7.00), Fresh Fruit Jasmine Green Tea ($6.50), and Black Milk Bubble Tea ($4.80).

The Fresh Strawberry Latte with Panna Cotta ($7) features caffeine-free latte made with fresh strawberry and soft panna cotta at the bottom of the bottle, packed in the pretty ‘Machi Machi Bottle’.

I tried it before and thought it was a pretty-looking bottle. The top part was light and refreshing, though some could think it tasted like a creamier strawberry milk.

The draw to me was the soft panna cotta at the base, which you could either suck through a straw, or mix it all up.

The alternative is to get the bottled Black Tea Latte with Panna Cotta ($7), which is accordingly Jay Chou’s all-time favourite.

If not, get the Black Milk Tea with Cheese Foam named “Cheese Tea God” by Taiwanese Media outlets, containing super frothy, thick cream cheese foam on top of the tea.

Comparing to other cheese tea brands (for example HEYTEA), the foam comes across lighter with a tinge of saltiness.

Machi Machi Singapore is anticipated to open in Singapore early 2020 near Bugis.

Machi Machi
25 Arab St, Singapore 199724
(Opening 18 Jan 2020 in Singapore)

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