Ready for a brand-new exciting sushi concept? The popular Sushi Express sets to redefine the sushi conveyor belt dining experience with the launch of Sushi Plus.

True to its name, “Sushi Plus” offers a variety of sushi PLUS a lot more… from sashimi, donburi, udon, fried food items to kushi (grilled skewers).

Some special things to look out for include Sea Urchin Cream Croquette (yes, Uni!), Cheese Massago with Tamagoyaki, Jumbo Caramelised Salmon, to Seared Beef Sushi.

Prices remain very affordable, starting from $1.50 per plate.

Located at Bugis Junction Level 2, Sushi Plus (a play of words 寿司家) features a wide selection of your favourite authentic Japanese cuisine, in a modern, high-tech Japanese concept featuring a state-of-the-art ordering system.

Sushi lovers will enjoy fresh, premium quality ingredients at moderate price points – all with seamless technology integration.

Just scan the QR code, order from the online menu, and the food will arrive in a sushi train right to the table.

If not, you can always look out at the conveyor belt for the sushi staples, interesting items and specials. Hungry already? Here are some of the recommended Sushi Plus items to order:

Jumbo Caramelised Salmon ($2.50 per piece)
Get an upsized salmon with this item without hurting your wallet. This features a large piece of fresh salmon, topped with sweet mayo then torched.

Sink your teeth in the fresh, succulent fish meat while indulging in the charred aroma of the caramelised exterior. What I liked was that there was a small piece of lemon included, for that touch of tanginess to balance out the sweetness.

Triple Flavour Salmon Selection ($5.00)
Good things come in threes – and more value for the buck. Other than the Jumbo Caramelised Salmon, you also get two others with cheese and mentaiko.

Fried Shrimp Sushi ($2.00)
Get a piece of crispy deep-fried breaded shrimp laying over a block of sushi rice. The vinegary taste of the rice complements the sweetness of the shrimp, with an umami taste from the crunchy breading and a strip of nori seaweed around it.

Mentaiko Scallop Sushi ($2.50 per piece)
For fans of scallop, this is a must order – you get a pair of fresh scallops on top of sushi rice.

Sharing the billing with the scallops is the luscious mentaiko slathered over them, adding a slight-spicy twist to the natural scallop taste.

Seared Beef Sushi ($3.00)
An order gives you a pair of thin sliced beef strips resting on some sushi rice. The quick sear on the meat results in a savoury grilled taste.

Fried Shrimp Roll with Flying Fish Roe ($2.50)
Like a California Maki, but added with a filling shrimp roll in the middle, beautifully presented on a plate. The generous dollop of flying fish roe makes this a value-for-money item in the menu.

Assorted Sashimi – Salmon & Scallop ($6.50)
Can’t decide what to order? Get the assorted sashimi to satisfy both your cravings for salmon and scallop.

The freshness of the pink salmon and scallops shine through this dish, perfect for sharing.

Otherwise, you can get an assortment of salmon & yellow tail ($8.50), thick cut salmon sashimi ($3.50) or yellowtail sashimi ($6.50).

Garlic Clam Udon ($4.50)
Warm up your tummy with the Garlic Clam Udon, a refreshing blend of tender udon noodles and the potent taste of garlic, wrapped around a heap of salty clams.

Pork Belly Udon ($5.50)
A variation of the above, except this comes with two slices of tender pork chasiu, buttered corn, seaweed and half a Ajitama egg on comforting soup.

Seared Beef Cubes ($4.00)
Like what you get on the street markets in Japan and Taiwan, steak lovers will enjoy an order of these seared bite-sized beef cubes, sporting that robust, meaty taste from the simplest of seasonings.

Grilled Tiger Prawns ($4.50)
Now on a reduced price, this pair of grilled tiger prawns will satiate your craving for yummy, grilled seafood.

Skewered, these prawns are perfect for nibbling in one bite or two.

Spicy Fried Wings ($3)
Perfect as a starter, the Spicy Fried Wings include 3 pieces of wings – breaded and deep-fried to create that crunch.

Inside, the wings remain juicy and flavourful with authentic Japanese seasonings.

Cheese Masago with Tamagoyaki ($1.50)
Probably a favourite for many, this is a dish of sweetened Japanese rolled omelette like mini bars of golden pillows, topped with torched cheese and masago – capelin roe for the splash of orange.

Fried Sweet Corn Croquette ($2)
This one can be shared as it has 3 pieces of croquettes, enveloping some sweet corn inside while the exterior is a delightful crunch.

New Item: Sea Urchin Cream Croquette ($3.00 for 2 pieces)
These deep-fried croquettes now come with a luscious filling – Uni. The pieces remain crisp on the outside, sensationally creamy on the inside with distinct flavour of the sea urchin.

A must-get, but take note this comes in limited quantities daily.

New Item: Black Sesame Molten Lava Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream ($7.00)
Time of pause your sushi and get some sweets. Try the Black Sesame Molten Lava Cake prepared a la mode with a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream.

If not, get your fill of other desserts such as Taiyaki Custard ($3.50), Japanese Skewered Rice Cake ($3.50), Japanese Red Bean Stuff Pancake ($3.50), or a small tub of Häagen-Dazs ice cream at only $3!

Sushi Plus
Bugis Junction #02-53, 200 Victoria Street, Singapore 188021
Opening Hours: 11am – 9:30pm (Mon – Sun)

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Sushi Plus.


  1. Think before going. Selection is limited…very lousy selection on the belt..order salmon sashimi take ages to come..and with bones.
    Salomon with bones..what if children eat it..omg..

  2. Went there yesterday, service is slow when is not crowded. Spend around $50 never give any return voucher . i think i better go sushi express den to sushi plus cos not much diff and your menu so little choice so disappointed

    • I was at ur bugis outlet and having lunch with my son. Service was bad and slow. Items on e belt has been missing alot of other items like salmon, tamago, clams. Ask service staffs to come, they never even ask me what I need she just assumed I wanted e bill and started counting e plates. Hair found on sushi too. Finally tamago was served on e belt but it was e worse I have ever had. Tamago all sliced in different thickness or should I say thinness. Very disappointed overall in ur restaurant and service. I was given a seat near e kitchen door which I sat very uncomfortable. I will start to post all online to let others know about what happened and let them know what to expect from ur outlet.

  3. horrible recommendation! the concept of merging genki train & sushi belt is good but poor execution. Food took horribly long to come, quality was very bad and sushi selections were extremely limited. The beef cubes were so dry and of such bad quality, you would be better off buying your own beef from NTUC. Hope you’ll give reviews to those places that’s really worth people’s time and money and not waste our effort traveling and paying for lousy food. It’s important to be an ethical writer.

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