[Closed] Kuishin Bo has ended operations in April 2020, after 19 years of operation.

“Dong Dong Dong… one, two, three… Kuishin Bo”

If you have dined at Kuishin Bo at Suntec City, you would recognise this catchy trademark announcement played out which is a signal for diners to head for the limited special food items.

Translates as “food connoisseur” in Japanese, Kuishin Bo serves up over 200 varieties of buffet items, and is a popular destination place for Japanese food and seafood lovers.

Well, other than the special items, Kuishin Bo is also popular for its luxurious Zuwaigani (a variety of snow crabs), selection of sushi and sashimi items, plus a wide array of hot dishes and desserts.

This includes favourite Japanese dishes such as tempura prawns, eel, kaminabe (paper steamboat), oden, cha soba and udon.

To get there, head up to Level 3 of Suntec City North Wing, somewhere near the Sky Garden side.

As we dive into the winter months, reserve your table and catch Kuishin Bo’s special Hokkaido Winter (Yuki) spread.

Diners can celebrate these joyous months and treat yourself to this seasonal buffer of premium Japan-sourced ingredients from scallops to salmon roe, Nisihiyama ramen, potatoes, hokke (Atka mackerel), and pumpkin mochi.

If you are already thinking of making your Chinese New Year 2020 reservations, you will be happy to know that there is complimentary Yuzu Salmon Yu Sheng for customers dining between 14 Jan – 8 Feb 2020.

Catch 18 new Hokkaido dishes and over 200 buffet items from now until the 9th of February 2020. Here’s more:

Zuwaigani (Snow Crab Legs)
Crab lovers love how meaty this variety so take advantage of what Kuishin Bo has to offer. These delicious snow crab legs are perfect show stoppers for every buffet spread.

This premium crustacean, sought after as a winter delicacy, is prized for its luxurious, delicate texture and sweet flavour notes.

XO Hokkaido Kaisen Chahan
Pair the snow crab legs with some fragrant fried rice infused with the flavours and aroma of garlic.

In keeping with the theme, they incorporated juicy morsels of scallops and crab meat into the rice. The signature XO sauce adds an interesting slightly spicy-seafood taste to this rice dish.

Imo Mochi
Have a taste of the famous traditional snack in Hokkaido. This Japanese-style potato-filled mochi has a wonderfully smooth mouthfeel and chewy texture.

The creamy taste of potato is complemented with the accompanying sweet sauce.

Tokachi Potato Croquette
Here’s another way of enjoying the premium potatoes from Japan. The Tokachi Potato Croquette is specially made with Tokachi potatoes, blended with a mix of vegetables.

The crunchy exterior balances the soft, creamy texture inside making this the perfect starter.

Tori Zangi with Negi Sauce
Those who crave for the comforting taste of juicy fried chicken can order the Tori Zangi, a Hokkaido-style fried chicken.

This crunchy poultry dish is like your favourite Tori Karaage, and comes with Negi sauce – a leek-based dipping sauce to enhance the umami taste.

Jingisukan (Genghis Khan)
Add some grilled meats to your spread and try the Jingisukan, a Japanese-style grilled mutton.

Satisfy all meat cravings with this well-seasoned meat, grilled to achieve that nice smoky aroma and caramelised taste. Enjoy it with accompanying mix vegetables to balance the flavours and textures.

Hokke Yaki
The most famous fish in Hokkaido – Atka mackerel finds its way to your plate. Savour it in its simplicity seasoned with salt to bring out its natural flavours.

Hokkaido Potato Pizza
The iconic Italian pizza gets a Japanese twist with the Hokkaido Potato Pizza. Freshly made dough is basted with tomato sauce, then topped with chunks of Hokkaido potato, ham cubes, and a mix of vegetables.

It is covered in a blanket of cheese then baked ‘til it melts.

Kitami Shio Yakisoba
In the mood for some noodles? Prepared Kitami-style (lightly seasoned with salt, added with vegetables such as onions), these Japanese noodles are stir-fried over high heat to give the noodles just the right tenderness.

Then it is topped with crispy onion rings (fun fact: Kitami is Japan’s largest onion producer), mixed with assorted vegetables and meat to make it filling and flavourful.

Mini Kaisen Don
The mini Kaisen don offers you freshly prepared sushi rice topped with assorted seafood. You get succulent chunks of salmon, sweet shrimp, scallop, and the prized salmon roe. I liked that it comes in a small bowl… so that you can leave space for other stuff such as the sashimi and sushi.

Sapporo Ramen Salad
Throw in this salad as a side dish or have it as a light meal. This Sapporo-style dish uses ramen noodles mixed with assorted vegetables, shrimp roe and egg.

Together they are slathered in a citrusy yuzu-based sesame dressing to marry all the flavours together.

Pumpkin Mochi Zenzai
Sweet tooths are treated to an exciting line up of desserts from chewy good mochis to delectable mango cheese cakes.

A cascading chocolate fountain provides interactive fun for those who can’t live without chocolate.

For Japanese-style dessert, go for the Pumpkin Mochi Zenzai, a red bean dessert served with a sprinkling of pumpkin mochi.

The chewy mochi are filled with sweet pumpkin paste, made from pumpkins sourced from Hokkaido to preserve the authenticity of flavours.

*Yuzu Salmon Yu Sheng
A complimentary Yuzu Salmon Yu Sheng will also be given to diners dining between 14 Jan – 8 Feb 2020*.

If you would like to try something different from the usual sweet plum sauce for your Yu Sheng, then go for this with unique Yuzu dressing.

Enjoy the Yu Sheng for its zest and refreshing tanginess, which lifts the taste of the cut vegetables.

Festive Pricing for Kuishin Bo (3 Dec 2019 – 9 Feb 2020)
Lunch Mon – Fri: Adult $37.90++, 60mins Lunch $26.90++ Child $18.90++
Lunch Sat, Sun & PH: Adult $39.90++, Child $18.90++

Dinner Mon – Thu: Adult $59.90++, Child $22.90++
Dinner Fri, Sat, Sun: Adult $63.90++, Child $22.90++
Dinner Festive Season (21 Dec – 1 Jan): Adult $68.90++, Child $22.90++
* Senior Citizen: Less 10% of adult’s pricing

Kuishin Bo
Suntec City, North Wing #03-334, 3 Temasek Boulevard Singapore 038983
Tel: +65 6341 9200
Opening Hours: Lunch 11:30am – 3pm Last Order 2:30pm, Dinner 5:30pm – 10pm Last Order 9:30pm

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Kuishin Bo.


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