Have you heard about the snaking queues that Kanada-Ya is attracting in Japan and London?

Now Singaporeans can experience Fukuoka’s ultimate ramen chain as it launches its flagship outlet at Paya Lebar Quarter Mall (PLQ)

You must taste their multi-awarded Truffle Ramen – which I think is probably the best soup-based Truffle Ramen in Singapore, featuring a rich and flavourful pork bone broth boiled for 18 hours.

I first experienced the Truffle Ramen at Kanada-Ya’s outlet at Piccadilly, London, and was hoping it would come.

Wishes do come true, and happy to announce that the taste here is quite consistent.

What makes the soup base special is the added secret sauce, hand-made by Kanada-Ya’s founder Mr. Kanada – a former pro keirin racer-turned-self-taught chef. This sauce is imported directly from the original restaurant in Japan to safeguard its authenticity.

A little on its background: Kanada-Ya began in 2009 in the small town of Yukuhashi, Fukuoka, Japan, the founder’s home town. Since then, the ramen brand has spread to 13 international outlets – 2 in Japan, 3 in London, 6 in Hong Kong, 1 in Barcelona, and now to Singapore.

For many years, it was voted Best Ramen in Fukuoka Prefecture by the Japanese Food Critic site Tabelog. In London, it was once ranked as the No. 1 Ramen Restaurant.

Visit the new Singapore outlet and find out what their famous range of ramen is all about.

You’ll get to taste its popular side dishes, plus other menu items (such as Gyu Don and Chicken Teriyaki Don) to complete your Kanada-Ya experience.

Truffle Ramen ($22.90 for basic, $24.90 for regular, $26.90 for special)
This truffle-centric ramen is London’s favourite, a simple yet stunning Hakata style ramen topped with belly chashu, asparagus, and nori.

The distinctive aroma will definitely ‘arrive’ before the bowl does as diners wait in anticipation.

Its fragrance and flavour come from the black truffle oil mixed with the signature tonkotsu soup base, and the black truffle jelly topping made with black truffle paste.

Even the chashu is truffle marinated for that ultimate truffle flavour.

Equally important as the soup base, Kanada-Ya’s noodles are made using a specific type of wheat flour with exact protein content and alkaline salts.

As a result, you get firm yet springy noodles to pair with their signature pork bone broth. If you like the thin and long Hakata style noodles with a firm bite, this will be right up your alley.

Only 20 bowls of Truffle Ramen are available daily. Make sure to catch this limited item.

Chashu Tonkotsu Ramen ($16.90 for basic, $18.90 for regular, $20.90 for special)
For the most classic bowl, go for the Kotteri Tonkotsu Ramen which features Chef Kanada’s original recipe.

A deluxe version of Kotteri Tonkotsu Ramen, the Chashu Tonkotsu Ramen includes a generous portion of collar instead of belly chashu.

Apart from the tender pork, it includes wood ear fungus mushroom, nori, and chopped spring onions, Hakata-style ramen, all complementing the deep and flavourful pork bone extract.

Go for the special and get an additional Hanjuku egg, 1 slice of chashu, and 1 big nori.

Even if you have had many tonkotsu ramen in Singapore, I think you should find this version unbelievably milky and lightly-frothy, tasty enough to finish the entire bowl on its own.

Spicy Yuzu Ramen ($16.90 for basic, $18.90 for regular, $20.90 for special)
This is one of the top-sellers from the Hong Kong outlet, which combines its signature pork bone broth with corn-fed chicken broth for the soup base.

The Hakata-style ramen is topped with tender collar chashu, bean sprouts, chopped spring onions, pickled red onions, nori, and a home-made spicy miso paste.

This Spicy Yuzu Ramen delivers a kick of heat balanced with the refreshing citrusy scent of yuzu.

I enjoyed that the spiciness was just nice and not over, such that you can still relish the original flavours of the broth.

Wasabi Mayo Gyoza ($6.90)
As the most popular side dish for ramen, gyoza gets an upgrade with a drizzle of Kanada-Ya’s home-made wasabi-flavoured mayonnaise.

You get 4 pieces of gyoza, all locally-made following a Japanese recipe for that authentic taste.

For purists, get the “naked” gyoza without the dressing for $5.90.

Chicken Karaage ($7.90)
Add a crunchy layer to your meal with Chicken Karaage, a serving of large chunks of chicken deep-fried.

Crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside, this home-made fried chicken is a classic side dish to pair with your ramen of choice.

Crab Cream Korokke ($9.90)
The crunchy pair of croquettes is made with mashed potato, seasoned and shaped to encapsulate a crab meat cream.

As you bite into it, you’ll feel the richness of the filling without it being overpowering in taste and texture.

Oyster Age ($8.90)
Get a couple of breaded oysters, cooked with precision to ensure the oyster is still juicy in the centre.

These sweet oysters are imported from Japan, and sports a hint of sea salt flavour.

Kanada-Ya Singapore
10 Paya Lebar Road, #03-30, Paya Lebar Quarter Mall (PLQ) Singapore 409057
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm (Mon – Sun)

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Kanada-Ya.


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