[Seoul] Tongyeong, a port city along the south eastern coast of South Korea, is the inspiration behind this eatery.

This bustling coastal area is known for its abundant fresh seafood, the key ingredient here at Oh Tongyoung 오통영 (sometimes spelt as “Oh Tongyeong”).

This simple shop is right in the middle of Seoul’s luxury fashion district, interpreting the taste of Tongyeong in a modern way.

There are no English signages, so look out for the Korean words of “오통영”, enter and head downstairs.

Inside, the space has that industrial feel – cement floors, exposed ceiling, metal chairs, and overhead lamps. Not quite the typical Korean restaurant vibes.

Their signature dish is the Jeonbok Musoesot Bap (44,000 Won for 2 pax, SGD51) or Abalone Hot Pot Rice, a combination of abalone, wood ear mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms and chives, alternating layers over a bed of white rice.

Mix them up with unsalted butter and seasoned wild chive soy sauce for a marriage of umami flavours.

Want a different rendition of abalone? Order Jeonbok Gui (44,000 Won, SGD51) and have your abalone grilled on a cast iron skillet with button mushroom, shiitake mushroom and zucchini.

Other noteworthy specialties include Seongge Bibimbap (Sea Urchin Bibimbap), Meongge Bibimbap (Sea Pineapple Bibimbap), Seongge Miyeok Guk (seaweed soup with sea urchin), and Muneo Sukhoe (blanched octopus).

Dishes range from 11,000 to 65,000 Korean Won (SGD12.70 to SGD75). Prices are generally on the higher side as it is also located at the upscale Gangnam area.

I ordered the Uni & Salmon over Rice (28,000 Won, SGD32.40). Perhaps there was some ‘lost-in-translation’ in the process, the “bibimbap” did not come in the usual hot-stone bowl that I was expecting.

If you are used to hearty, saucier Korean fare, then this may come across as healthier and perhaps bland to some.

The chefs use minimum seasoning in the food, with just accompanying kimchi and some side dishes, so that diners can taste the freshness of the seafood caught by local fishermen.

In any case, this was indeed generous serving of creamy sea urchin and salmon on a bed of sticky rice, but I did feel that there was a need of a sauce of some kind to ‘hold’ everything together.

To balance it off, I also had a Galbie – Grilled Ground Beef (30,000 Won) of two patties of Korean Beef with mixed vegetables.

If not, complement your seafood dishes with a platter of Modeum Jeon (assorted Korean pancakes).

Oh Tongyeong 오통영
B1F, 10 Seolleung-ro 158-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Tel: +82 2 544 2377
Opening Hours: Lunch 11:30am – 3pm, Dinner 5pm – 10pm (Mon – Sun)

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