For foodies on a search for new restaurants in Singapore, Arcade @ The Capitol Kempinski contains of a series of exciting dining establishments.

The Arcade is an extension of The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore, the venue to dine and wine your way at this part of Singapore.

It is located right at Capitol Singapore, previously known as “Capitol Piazza” (connected direct from City Hall MRT station Exit D).

You can literally spend every day of the week trying out a different restaurant here, which serves up cuisine from all over the globe – from German with Austrian influences, classic Italian pizza and pasta place with comforting flavours.

You can also have the food delivered to your place at

Take your pick from more than 20 different restaurants from both Capitol Singapore and CHIJMES, mix-and-match to order from up to 6 different restaurants at once, and enjoy free delivery islandwide with a minimum spending of $30.

Step back in time and in different parts of the world through your food journey at the Arcade @ The Capitol Kempinski. Here are the 8 dining concepts you can try:

Arcade @ The Capitol Kempinski #01-87
Tel: +65 6715 6873
Opening Hours: Lunch 12pm – 3pm, Dinner 6pm – 10:30pm Last Order 9:30pm (Mon – Sun)

Reinterprets traditional German cuisine with Austrian influences
Experience German flavours and hospitality at Frieda, named after the only daughter of hotel founder Berthold Kempinski and wife Helene. It is the ideal place for an abendbrot aka a homely evening meal with family and friends.

The menu is all about traditional German food, spiced up with Austrian influence. You can choose from their premium sausage selections, German-style breads and salads, meat dishes, and many more.

I would recommend the Oven Roasted Pork Knuckle ($39), prepared from the oldest recipes, using a whole free-range Australian pork hind leg knuckle washed in an ice-bath for at least 2 hours.

After slow-cooking it for 3 hours in a stock with bay leaves, peppercorns, cloves, juniper berries, garlic and onion, it is then skinned and baked in the oven until extra crisp. Accompanied with pretzel dumplings and house-made sauerkraut and jus, this dish is hands-down a must-have at Frieda.

Another traditional German fare you cannot skip is the Veal Wiener Schnitzel ($37). It is a thick cutlet of veal, breaded and pan-fried until golden brown. Served with both potato salad and some German-style gurkensalat, a refreshing salad of thinly sliced cucumbers tossed in sour cream, sprinkled with dill and chopped parsley.

Foodie Tip 1: Frieda daily lunch-set menu goes for an inexpensive $17++ for a 2-course, and $22++ for a 3-course inclusive of dessert. Main course selection includes Grilled German Sausage, Baked Chicken or Swabian Noodles.

Foodie Tip 2: Look out for “Beer O’clock” available daily, with a pint of draught beer costing $5 at 5pm, $6 at 6pm etc. What a good deal! In addition, sport fans can look out for the live sports on the hanging screens in the arcade from 4pm onwards.

La Scala Ristorante
Arcade @ The Capitol Kempinski #01-86
Tel: +65 6715 6877
Opening Hours: Lunch 11:30am – 2:30pm, Dinner 6pm – 10pm (Mon – Sun)

Classic Italian dining outpost with its own brick oven
La Scala Ristorante is one of the latest addition to the bevy of dining choices here at the Arcade. It offers an Italian menu that captures the taste of Italian summers through its antipasti, zuppe, pasta, pizza and dolci.

Named after the world-famous Milan theater, La Scala Opera House, this restaurant is the perfect venue for an Italian feast.

Start off with some Burratina & Pomodorini ($18), a small burrata served with rocket salad and sweet cherry tomato with basil and chef’s dressing. Cheese lovers will love this fresh cheese that simply melts in your mouth.

Of course, you cannot not have pizza. Highly recommended is the Pizza Calabrese ($26) from the Calabria region of Italy.

It is a classic thin crust pizza topped with mozzarella, pepperoni salami, roasted black olives and sun-dried tomatoes over a simple tomato sauce.

For your pasta, order the Spaghetti Costiera ($25), featuring a mix of classic spaghetti pasta and succulent prawns, made rich with shellfish reduction and grated mullet Bottarga. If you love black paste, try their Linguini Nero di Mare ($26) prepared with squid ink. This delectable pasta is cooked with mussels, squid, clams, prawns and crayfish in a rich tomato sauce.

The traditional Tiramisu ($14) is a simple yet fitting ending to your Italian meal. This home-made dessert is spiked with an Amaretto Kahlua reduction for that distinct flavour.

Foodie Tip: Get the Tiramisu as part of the 2-course ($17++) or 3-course set lunch. The Main choices include Lasagna Classic, Branzino Mediteranneo (pan-fried seabass), Penne Rosa (penne pasta with smoked salmon), and Lamb Shank Stinco D’agnello (braised lamb shank with mashed potato).

[Closed] Chalerm Thai
Arcade @ The Capitol Kempinski #01-85
Tel: +65 6715 6875
Opening Hours: Lunch 11:30am – 2:30pm, Dinner 6pm – 10pm (Mon – Sun)

Thai restaurant with delicious Tom Yum Goong, Pai Thai and Pineapple Fried Rice
Named after the Sala Chalermkrung Royal Theater in Bangkok, Chalerm Thai is your outlet for all things Thai. Drop by for a comforting lunch or dinner filled with traditional Thai fare from appetisers down to desserts.

Their menu offers a selection of rice and noodle dishes, soups, salads, Thai-style curries, seafood mains and many more popular dishes from the Land of Smiles.

You can’t go wrong with the Tom Yum Goong ($15), a Thai-style spicy and sour seafood soup that is a staple in any Thai meal. In fact, this is one of the best versions I had in Singapore of late.

Its warmth and spice will perk you up and open up your appetite for more. Seafood lovers will love the mix of prawns, fish, clams, mussels and squid.

Looking for a rice dish? The Khao Phad Sapoarod ($15) is a pineapple-based fried rice with a distinctly sweet savoury taste. It’s fun to bite into the sweet, juicy chunks of fresh pineapple, and the crunch of cashew nuts. The additional raisins provide a different kind of sweetness to the dish, served topped with a sprinkling of shrimp floss.

The traditional dessert Kao Neow Muang ($10) is the best ending to your Thai meal. This sticky rice dessert has a rich and creamy coconut taste that blends with the sweetness of thick fresh mango slices.

Foodie Tip: Similarly, a 2-course lunch at Chalerm Thai goes for $17++, and 3-course at 22++, applicable daily. Main course selection includes Tom Yum Sen, Phad Thai Kung, Kao Phad Gai (chicken fried rice), or Krob Phad Kra Pao Gai (stir-fried Thai basil chicken with steamed jasmine rice).

Broadway American Diner
Arcade @ The Capitol Kempinski #01-84B
Tel: +65 6715 6874
Opening Hours: 11am – 9pm (Mon – Sun)

Modern day reincarnation of the iconic Magnolia Snack Bar
Looking for a place to bring your family for a fun, wholesome diner experience? Head out to Broadway American Diner (previously known as Capitol Milk Bar) where it recreates the iconic Magnolia Snack Bar from the 60s.

Your folks will probably remember it as the go-to snack place for movie-goers at the old Capitol Building.

This all-American themed diner captures the nostalgia of the golden era with its offerings of burgers, hot dogs, milkshake and ice cream. Plus, a touch of European with the profiteroles — ice cream-filled choux pastry drizzled with hot choco sauce, vanilla Chantilly and roasted almonds.

Expect to see these timeless classic items in the menu but given a modern flair.

For instance, their burgers and sandwiches come with special buns baked fresh daily in-house. You have a choice of either charcoal brioche bun, multi-grain bun, or sesame wheat bun. Highly recommended is the “Capitol” ($19), made with a Black Angus beef patty (up to 150g) in an egg wrap and topped with cheddar and a creamy black pepper mushroom sauce.

Relive the good ole days with their signature ice creams, milk shakes, and floats. Share an order of The Capitol Milk Bar Banana Split ($15), an upgraded version of perhaps your childhood fave. Enjoy scoops of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream alongside with caramelised banana raisin, banana vanilla espuma, freeze dried banana and banana rum glaze.

Throw in a local flavour with the “Singapore Dash Milkshake” aka Chendol Milk Shake ($14), prepared with red bean, pandan jelly, gula Melaka and coconut flakes. Slightly on the sweet side, but rich and indulgingly-good.

Berthold Delikatessen
Arcade @ The Capitol Kempinski #01-84
Tel: +65 6715 6872
Opening Hours: 8am – 9pm (Mon – Sun)

Sophisticated European-style café for sandwiches, cakes and coffee
Named after hotel founder Berthold Kempinski, Berthold Delikatessen is a stylish European-style café that offers the best of traditional German delicatessen.

Here you can conveniently pair their signature Berthold house coffee or the Andraschko German blend with any of their wide selection of breads, rolls, pastries.

There aren’t many local bakeries that offer these traditional German-style baked goods, such as classic Bretzel, Bauernbrot aka farmer’s bread, and the braided Hefezopf ($7 to $9). At Berthold, they have it fresh every day.

If you prefer something more filling like sandwiches or salads, try the Berthold Signature Dark Rye Sourdough with Pastrami Ham ($14), a classic combination of the mildly sour break and the saltiness of the ham.

Or go for the Charcoaled Brioche ($14) served with either Chicken or Smoked Salmon for a lighter flavour.

For the salads (everything at $8 each), they have the colourful and chunky Beetroot Salad and Swabian Potato Salad, a traditional regional salad made with beef broth, German mustard and vinegar. Or go the healthier route via a Classic Waldorf Salad with Walnut ($8), served with sliced apples, celery, mayonnaise, and chopped walnuts.

Round up your deli experience by bringing some quiches, pies and cakes (I say go for the Black Forest cake), or have them for your afternoon tea.

[Closed] El Teatro Tapas
Arcade @ The Capitol Kempinski #01-83
Tel: +65 6715 6875
Opening Hours: Lunch 11:30am – 2:30pm, Dinner 6pm – 10pm (Mon – Sun)

Theatre of Spanish flavours, from tapas to paellas
Explore the flavours of Spain at El Teatro Tapas, a stage for the best tapas, Spanish paella, and bar drinks this side of town.

Tapas range from hot to cold so you’re bound to encounter your fave snack and nibblers here. Whether you’re craving for a cold soup like gazpacho from Andalusia, or some grilled tuna from La Parrilla, you’ll find it at El Teatro.

For the quintessential Spanish Paella, you will have a number of choices. The Classic Paella de Marisco ($30) is a good starting point for its classic mix of seafood, while Paella de Pollo ($28) is specially made for those who really just want chicken.

Indulge with the Paellas de Bogavante ($40), filled with sweet juicy chunks of lobsters or try the crowd-fave Paella Mixta ($30), combining the best of both worlds, a medley of seafood and chicken for a true Spanish party.

For dessert, there is no better way than to end your meal with a traditional Churros Con Chocolate ($12), a very typical Spanish sweet treat. Or try the rich and creamy hand-whisked Crema de Mi Abuela ($12), a Spanish pudding made with custard cream

Foodie Tip: Get an appetiser with main (or main and dessert) for $17++; or appetiser with main and dessert at $22++. Exciting choices for main include Berenjenas a La Miel (eggplant with honey), Croquetas De Pollo (chicken, mushroom or prawn croquette), Gambas Al Ajillo (garlic prawns), or Atun Con Verduras A La Parrilla (tuna with grilled vegetables).

Katachi Style
Arcade @ The Capitol Kempinski #01-82
Tel: +65 6241 6447
Opening Hours: Lunch 12pm – 2:30pm Last Order 2:15pm, Dinner 6pm – 10pm Last Order 9:45pm (Mon – Sun)

Wide variety of Japanese classics including Chirashi Don and Unagi Jyu
Katachi Style is the newest addition to Capitol Singapore, helmed by veteran Chef Keiji Matoba, a haven for Japanese sushi lovers.

Grab a quick lunch via its a la carte menu, a set of dishes made using fresh ingredients specially sourced from Japan for that authentic taste. All these are a product of Chef Keiji’s years of experience in fine dining establishments around the world. His style combines the beauty of nature and modern culinary techniques.

You’ll have ample of choices from sushi to sashimi, from tempura to grilled meats, noodles and desserts.

For lunch, expect a more casual feel as you go for bento-style set meals. Each set comes with a main dish, assorted appetisers, ie scallop nigiri, aburi salmon maki, and pork tonkatsu.

The Chirashi Don ($38) is a must order from the menu, a mountain of rice topped with thick-slices of fresh sushi. If you love the unique flavor of eel, go for the Grilled Unagi Jyu (On Rice) ($34)

For a more relaxed meal, try this joint in the evening. Treat a friend or a business associate for dinner, where you can have a more pampered style of dining with individually-plated dishes.

Katachi Sushi
Arcade @ The Capitol Kempinski #01-82
Tel: +65 6241 6447
Opening Hours: Lunch 12pm – 2:30pm Last Order 1:30pm, Dinner 6pm – 10pm Last Order 8:30pm (Mon – Sun)

Experience Japanese omakase by Chef Keiji Matoba
Katashi Sushi boasts of authentic hand-formed sushi meticulously prepared by a sushi artisan, Chef Keiji Matoba.

Here you can satisfy your seafood cravings in a private and exclusive space.

With its wide array of sushi selection, it’s easy to get lost. Start with the “Hana’ Sushi Course ($140), featuring amuse-bouche/3 appetizers, umami soup, 2 kinds of sashimi, 9 kinds of sushi, miso soup, and dessert.

Or the “Ten” Sushi Course ($180), which includes an additional sashimi and sushi, and Inaniwa udon noodles.

For intense cravings, getting the Katashi Omakase Course ($240) is advisable. You’re in for some amuse-bouche/3 appetizers, followed by umami soup and a specially prepared delicacy, uni (sea urchin). You get 3 kinds of fresh sashimi, plus the day’s catch aka Today’s Simmer Fish.

For the main event, you get Wagyu Steak and 9 kinds of premium sushi. The set also includes Inaniwa Udon Noodle, and a dessert to cap off your meal.

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