So do people working around Tanjong Pagar like to dine alone?

From my observation, the office crowd around here enjoy dining in groups; or they would quickly tabao something from nearby Tanjong Pagar Food Centre.

Well, much has been talked about Gangsta Ramen being the first ramen eatery in Singapore to offer private booth seats – probably inspired by Ichiran Ramen.

With that said, Ichiran Ramen has an entire seamless process in place from getting orders from a vending machine, paying before dining etc, so it makes sense for an individual diner who wants a quick, fuss-free meal.

During my visit to Gangsta Ramen, I was the only customer utilising the private booth seats, while the rest chose the shared tables. I am one of those who doesn’t mind dining alone, not afraid to be ‘judged’ by curious eyes.

Gangsta Ramen offers quite affordable bowls, with the Original Ramen priced at $10.

Other choices include Signature Ramen with Cheese ($12), Black Truffle Ramen ($16), Spicy Ramen ($12), and Miso Ramen ($12).

I wanted to see how the classic was like, and so ordered the Original Ramen which came tonkotsu-style. After which, I waited in the booth till the cat cloth covering was lifted up which caught me by a little surprise.

To be really honest, there are many ramen eateries in the Tanjong Pagar area known for their tonkotsu broth, for example Keisuke Tontotsu King and Ikkousha Ramen 博多一幸舎 which are just a short walk away.

The broth here was on the lighter side (still salty) but lacking in the tonkotsu rich-creaminess one would expect.

Noodles were cooked soft and limp, and didn’t have the delicious bite of freshly-made noodles.

For a Singapore ramen brand to stand out for its food, perhaps introducing something unique or different from nearby competitors could help (such as Kanshoku’s dry Truffle Ramen.

Side dishes (priced at $2.50 each) such as Chicken Wings, Chicken Cutlet, Smoked Duck and Gyoza are available. Wasn’t too sure if mayonnaise (without providing vinegar and soy sauce) would be the best accompaniment for soft Gyoza in this case.

Gangsta Ramen does seem to put a lot of effort in terms in doing up the place, and service staff was friendly to explain the dishes.

But with an Ichiran-style individual booth seats and concept, perhaps customers could come expecting close to ‘Ichiran-quality’.

Gangsta Ramen
1, #02-10 Tanjong Pagar Plaza, Singapore 082001
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 8:30pm (Mon – Fri), 11:30am – 2:30pm (Sat), Closed Sun

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