After waves and waves of popular Taiwanese bubble tea and chicken cutlet shops that descended to Singapore, the next brand to look forward to is Jin Feng Braised Pork Rice 金峰魯肉飯.

The Singapore shop will be located at Ang Mo Kio Hub basement 2.

But wait, is this the famous Jin Feng from Roosevelt Road, or Xi Men Jin Feng from Ximending?

Jin Feng Braised Pork Rice is a well-known eatery in Taipei that serves one of the most popular Taiwanese dishes, “Lu Rou Fan” otherwise known as Braised Pork Rice).

The Braised Pork Rice, priced at NT$30, NT$40, NT$50 (SGD1.30, SGD1.80, SGD2.50) for their small, medium and large bowls, is definitely the signature dish in Taipei.

The dish is served with a large amount of rice and topped off with a slice of bitter melon and braised pork.

One thing to note is that while Singaporeans are used to bowls with loads of meat with less rice. The reverse seems to apply to many Lu Rou Fan stalls in Taiwan where there is very little meat in contrast to rice.

I also noticed that other restaurants that offer this dish tend to serve it with more fat than meat, which is not the case here.

The draw to me was the savoury sauce on the fluffy rice, when paired with hot soup was very comforting.

The Singapore local store is still undergoing renovation. Will find out which “Jin Feng” this is from. Look out here for updates!

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