[Bali] Babi Guling known as Balinese roasted suckling pig, is definitely one of Bali most iconic dishes.

To the extent that Anthony Bourdon mentioned that the best pork he ever had, was none other than Babi Guling.

Babi Guling which directly translates as “turning pig” derived its name from the process of cooking, where a herb-stuffed whole pig was slowly continuously “rolled” over (“guling” means “to roll”) over an open coal fire until it is cooked and roasted to perfection.

It is previously served only at religious events and special occasions such as weddings.

With numerous Babi Guling eateries dispersed around the island, finding the ‘best’ one could be quite a problem due to personal preferences. There are of course, a handful of the famous one which some considered notable.

After trying several highly rated Babi Guling eateries around Bali, I personally thought that Babi Guling Karya Rebo is the one worthy of recommendation.

Located in Kuta district, Karya Rebo can be considered a ‘new’ contender in the market as it gained quite a positive reputation within the last two years.

Interior wise, this is the cleanest and brightest Babi Guling eateries I ever been to in Bali.

Once inside, proceed to the counter at the front (where the crispy pork skin is displayed) and placed your order.

Tip: Stand near the preparation counter as the process of assembling is quite interesting.

In terms of varieties, there isn’t much on the menu as it only revolves Babi Guling served with or without rice.

Comparing with the rest, Karya Rebo’s Nasi Babi Guling Campur (IDR 50k, SGD5.00) tend to be bigger in portion, with more variety in toppings with the inclusion of fried crispy pork and pork satay sticks.

The star of the dish is definitely the fried crispy pork – super crunchy and addictive. Did I not mention it comes free flow as well?

As for the spices, it wasn’t too strong yet had aromatic flavors which really complement the pork meat.

The pork meat which came in generous portions, was soft, tender, and didn’t taste gamey at all.

Their pork skin which was neither too hard nor oily, is worth a mention. If only it was crispier.

If you need a little more heat, don’t forget to add on their homemade sambal which is provided in a small container on a table.

Be warned their sambal is quite spicy and addictive.

Of all the Babi Guling eateries I tried in Bali, Karya Rebo is the one which left the deepest impression. So good that I actually had this twice during my Bali trip.

The food is reasonably priced, not to mention fast and friendly service too.

On top of that they do provide “special” takeaway for abroad where every single ingredient packed separately so not to be soggy. Thumbs up.

Babi Guling Karya Rebo
Jl. Toyaning No.1, Kedonganan, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361
Tel: +62 361 703229
Opening Hours: 8am – 9pm (Mon – Sun)
Google Maps – Babi Guling Karya Rebo

* Written by DFD͛’s Jakarta Food Correspondent @iknowhowtoeat who loves exploring NEW food places in both Indonesia and Singapore. DFD pays for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.


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